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4 Haunted Places to Visit in Covington, Georgia

Haunted Gaither's PlantationDo you get a thrill out of ghost stories? Covington, Georgia’s history is intertwined with ghost stories. Many of the historic homes in the city have their own ghost stories and even some stores do too. If you’re looking for a vacation that comes with a ghost-seeking thrill, Covington, Georgia is the place for you to visit. We have compiled a list of 4 haunted places to visit in Covington, Georgia for all you ghost hunters out there.

  • Gaither’s Plantation– This plantation has been around for more than 150 years. You can only imagine the ghost stories that have come out of it! It is said that Cecilia Gaither and a confederate solider that she hid haunt the main house. The ghost stories are so chilling that they have been investigated and proven true by the Georgia Paranormal Research team.
  • Orna Villa– The oldest home in Oxford, Georgia is said to be haunted also. The story behind the ghost at Orna Villa is a bit sadder. It is said that the Dr. Means and his son Tobe got in a fight one night. Tobe was so mad that he stormed off into the night never to be seen again. The family would hear pacing on the back porch and when they went to check no one was there. Strange occurrences like that are still happening today. If you visit you may get a site of the boy who vanished into the night.
  • Church Street Antique Store– If you’re looking for a friendly ghost try visiting the Church Street Antique Store. The ghost here is a young girl who has a distinctive flower smell. Our intern has had a run in with her before! The owners of the store are happy to talk about the ghost story behind their store.
  • Dixie Manor– This historic home has a rich civil war history. That history has caused a ghost story to arise about a redheaded confederate solider. It is said that if a redheaded woman stays the night in this house the confederate solider will kiss her! Do you know anyone who is willing to test this ghost story out?

These are just some of the haunted places to visit in Covington, Georgia. There are many more ghost stories in Covington, Georgia. Stay tuned to hear more of our chilling stories.

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