7 Moments When Elena Gilbert Almost Dies [In GIFs]

Alhough local supernatural TV series The Vampire Diaries follows the narrative in the books written by L.J. Smith, we are still on the edge of our seats in each episode when young Elena Gilbert almost dies. The teenager that captivates the vampiric Salvatore Brothers could have been a cat in another life with her many near-death experiences throughout the series. 

On this Manic Monday, join us for a little fun as we bring you the 7 top moments in 7 GIF images when we thought the series heroine was about to cross over to the “other side.” 

Season 1, Episode 11

As we all know, Elena Gilbert almost dies for the first time when Stefan saves her from the near-fatal crash off Wickery Bridge that ultimately killed both of her parents. Later in Season 1, after learning about the local vampires in Mystic Falls, Elena is startled by her remarkable resemblance to Katherine, and flees away in her car in a panic. When she hits a mysterious supernatural entity, Damon shows up at the last minute to save her life for the second time.

Season 2, Episode 8
elena gilbert almost dies

Elena is then kidnapped in season 2 by vampires Rose and Trevor, who are following orders to bring this Petrova doppelganger to The Originals in exchange for their eternal freedom. However, yet again, the sexy Salvatores come to Elena’s rescue with an arsenal of supernatural weapons in-hand.


Season 2, Episode 15
The Dinner Party
elena gilbert almost dies

Elena tries to protect her loved ones and stop Elijah by stabbing herself in the stomach. This scene was literally gut-wrenching as Elena Gilbert almost dies by a self-inflicted wound, but Stefan saves her once again by feeding her some of his magically healing vampire blood. [It’s like supernatural Neosporin]


Season 2, Episode 21
The Sun Also Rises
elena gilbert almost dies

At the end of Season 2, Klaus is planning the moonstone ritual to make more vampire/werewolf hybrids like himself. According to the series lore, this Original vampire was to sacrifice a vampire and a werewolf, and then drink the blood of the Petrova doppelganger to complete the ritual. After killing werewolf Jules and freshly-transitioned vampire Aunt Jenna, Klaus finally moves on to Elena and kills her by drinking all her blood. This time, it was “BFF” Bonnie to the rescue as she performed an old Bennett spell to bring Elena right back!


Season 3, Episode 5
The Reckoning
elena gilbert almost dies

In this episode, Klaus gets a foothold in Stefan’s mind and compels him to drink Elena’s blood. As the clock counts down the moments until Stefan is ordered to kill her, Elena manages to convince him to fight Klaus’s compulsion and remember their love for each other. Stefan fights, and Elena runs, but Klaus then orders Stefan to “turn off” his humanity. But once Klaus finds out that Elena needs to be kept alive for the successful transition of his new horde of hybrids, he changes his mind.


Season 3, Episode 6
Smells Like Teen Spirit

In the episode immediately following The Reckoning, Elena is almost brought to death once again as the spirit of dead Vicki traps her inside a car and sets it ablaze. Luckily, Alaric was there to save her, and the two then save an unconscious Stefan who was also trapped in the fiery vehicle.


Season 3, Episode 11
Our Town
elena gilbert almost dies

After taking a road trip with Klaus and tapping into his violent “Ripper” roots, Stefan has become a bit of a loose cannon. He threatens to end Klaus’s plan by turning Elena into a vampire, and forces her to drink his blood as he speeds around the windy roads leading up to Wickery Bridge. This was a risky ultimatum, but worked as Klaus told Stefan to stop alive at the very moment he almost drove off the bridge, which would have killed Elena and began her transition into a vampire.

Finally, after many gripping and unnerving experiences when Elena Gilbert almost dies, she finally meets her end in the finale of Season 3. Well…sort of. The human Elena dies in this season finale, but because she died with vampire blood in her system, she came back to haunt the streets of Mystic Falls with the Salvatore Brothers for 5 more seasons.

elena gilbert almost dies

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