A Small Town Community You Shouldn’t Miss – Covington Ga

From a list of 22 nationally nominated cities, Covington, Georgia was recently honored by Southern Travel & Lifestyles magazine as “One of the Small Towns You Can’t Miss”. Here in the deep southern seat of Covington, Georgia our small town life happens at a leisurely pace. We shake hands with strangers, hold doors open for each other, and welcome everyone we meet with contagious smiles. There is a noticeable pride in our community growth, but Newton County residents also cherish the sustainability and simplicity of a front porch living lifestyle.

Make no mistake, the City of Covington has plenty of allure, but that old southern charm is not lost on the rest of the county. What makes the Covington – Newton County a small town area that just can’t be overlooked? Is it the retail and restaurants that amplify the appeal to a seasoned traveler? Is it in the stately manner of the striking magnolia trees found in the center of the Downtown Covington Square or the gently rolling Yellow River through Porterdale? Is it sitting beneath the magnificent tree branches where one can find rest to stop and relax while marveling at the timelessness of the architecture of buildings that have withstood the test of time? We’d have to say it’s all of these in addition to the genuine care neighbors show for each other and the outstretched arms that extend to meet people where they are. 

Sheryl J. Anderson, producer of the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias currently filming in the Covington area, recently commented about the character of the county.  She said, “You really feel you are in the true south, where the landscapes are lush and a place where you can catch fireflies when the sun sets.”

Seasons change brilliantly just below the Mason-Dixon line and Covington is no exception. Spring and Summer awaken the blossoming palette of colors that unfold throughout the pedestrian-friendly streets and neighborhoods. The City of Oxford’s newest addition to their district, Asbury Street Park, provides the perfect place to watch the summer sun melt away into fall foliage in the coming months. Or perhaps you can picture yourself sipping a piping hot cup of coffee as the morning chill of Old Man Winter creeps in front of the century-old building that is now Blackwell’s Grocery in rural Mansfield. Porter Manor Gardens, a four-acre event center resting in Newborn, GA, opens a visually stunning landscape that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Not to mention, a view that never disappoints year-round, the Yellow River Dam just over the bridge in Porterdale alongside the Mill Loft Apartments.

Covington & Newton County is a small town where its citizens and visitors can’t help but stop to watch the sunset just a little longer and breathe the air in a little deeper. There’s a sense of warmth and hospitality that just can’t be denied. Don’t believe us? Why not do what Southern Travel & Lifestyles magazine writers did…come see it for yourself.

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