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A Spooky Sneak Peek Into the New Covington Ghost Tours

We’ve been bringing you some pretty scary sites around Covington for our Manic Mondays, but have you just been “dying” to visit some of Covington’s local haunts for yourself? Today is your lucky day…if you dare. We’re giving you an exclusive peek into our experience on Covington Ghost Tours and telling you how you can enjoy a tour of your own!

The anticipation builds as you begin your tour at Wild Art Gallery at the corner of Washington and Church streets on Covington Square. There, you’ll be introduced to Shant’e and Kevin Regan, your tour guides. Kevin is the electronics expert and has some pretty convincing evidence of ghostly encounters.

Your tour hostess is Shant’e, a clairvoyant and all around paranormal prodigy. She always begins her tour by inviting guests to download the “Ghost Hunting Tools” app to their smartphones. (Word to the wise: Download this app! It will turn your Covington Ghost Tour experience into an interactive one.) Once apps have been installed, it’s off into the night to meet Covington’s resident spirits.

Comfortable shoes are a must, but should you brave the ghost tour, you’ll hear some incredible local history! We heard stories about a bearded ghost, who has a thing for redheads, roaming a historic mansion. We were told about the mysteriously beautiful woman in blue who frequently visits the shop of a local square merchant at night. Not to mention a thrilling tale of disembodied footsteps heard frequently along one specific lonely street outside a local shop in the dead of night. Better still, the telling of a Civil War solider, who still haunts the hospital turned church near town peaked our curiosity. We must admit though, the story that chilled us straight to the core this night was about the Covington black widow, an angry woman who killed her husband and lived life as a recluse until her death, in what is now the oldest home in Covington.

Covington Ghost Tour

Hearing the actual video documentation of these accounts and others from local residents, amazed and astounded us! There are a few secrets these bloggers will be taking to our graves, but don’t let that stop you from taking a tour yourself to find out what they might be.

Tours are conducted on Friday and Saturday nights at exactly 7:00pm and begin at WildArt Gallery on the square. For more information and to book your own Covington Ghost Tour, visit their website and find them on Facebookhere for exclusive photos taken on tour! 

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