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A Summer in the Hollywood of the South

When people say “vacation” most people think of laying on the beach soaking up the sun, touring a foreign country, or taking a cruise. Summer is the perfect time to vacation and relax before school starts. Did you know that you can have a pretty awesome summer in the Hollywood of the South? Spending the summer in Covington, or taking a vacation,  Covington has so much to offer. We may be a small Southern town but we are big on things you can do to have fun this summer.


1.    Self-guided/Guided Tours


Covington offers a variety of guided and self-guided tours. Because of the many TV shows and movies that were filmed here we have an enormous number of tourists that visit each year. Mystic Falls Toursoffers guided tours of popular film locations for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. We also have an extensive self-guided tours available. For more information on self-guided tours visit the Covington/Newton County Visitors Center located at 2101 Clark Street. 


2.    Lake Varner

One of the most relaxing things to do in Covington is sit by the shore of the magnificent Lake Varner part of the Cornish Creek Reservoir.  Relish the natural outdoor scenery as you fish, picnic and take in Mother Nature.  This pristine lake has eight hundred acres of fresh water for recreation and bass fishing, and is the perfect environment for kayaking. For true outdoorsmen or those who just simply wish to “unplug”, Lake Varner is a great place to unwind. The lake is open to the public April through October from 7am to 9pm and November through March 7am to 6pm.



3.    Turner Lake 

Turner Lake complex, spanning 158 acres, is the perfect spot for active families. The lake itself is a pristine oasis, with many walking trails. Turner Lake also has an incredible outdoor sports complex, complete with two batting cages, and a covered pavilion that’s perfect for picnics, Turner Lake has everything a family could need.

4.    Nomadic Flow Outfitters


Available in Porterdale, GA on the Yellow River, Nomadic Flow Outfitters is the outfitter for local watersports and aquatic fun! The expert team at Nomadic Flow Outfitters offers clinics on kayaking, river rafting, and paddleboarding. They also rent gear and equipment, if needed. So grab a paddle and come get mellow on the Yellow River. Visit their Facebook page for more info.

5.    Square Park

Last but certainly not least, Square Park. The square Park offers a beautiful and peaceful respite right in the heart of downtown Covington. With a multitude of shops that range from clothing to home arts and crafts. Once you’re done shopping pick one of our many restaurants to stop and get something to eat. If you’re in the mood for Pizza, Your Pie is the place for you. Or if you prefer a taste of Ireland, we have The Irish bread Pub, and these are just a few of our wonderful eateries on the square. After your meal stop by Scoops to grab some desert for a hot summer day. Then grab a seat on one of the benches around the square to enjoy your ice cream while marveling at the beauty that is Covington. 


This is just a small sampling of the things that Covington can offer this summer. If your curious about where to eat, stay, or shop go to If you are visiting Covington make sure to stop at our Visitors Center at 2101 Clark Street for information on self-guided tours and more.  

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