American Revolutionary War history in Georgia’s Newton County

jaspernewtonIn Newton County, Georgia we often talk about our Civil War history. Not many counties in the United States can say they witnessed the March to the Sea. However, sometimes we forget to mention that Newton County’s history goes back way farther than the Civil War. In fact, even the name of the county has significance.

Newton County is named after Sergeant John Newton. He was a solider during the American Revolutionary War. He served under the famous “Swamp Fox”, also known as Brigadier General Francis Marion along with William Jasper.

Now how does this man link to Newton County? Well, when you drive through Georgia a small thing you may notice is that Jasper and Newton Counties are next to each other. This is no small coincidence. A story told by Parson Weems tells that Newton and Jasper were a heroic pair.

Now Weems is reported to be a bit of an exaggerator; he did come up with the George Washington and the cherry tree story. However, in his story he claims that the pair was able to save a group of American Soldiers from execution by capturing the British guards at Savannah. While there is no historical recording of this, it did become a famous story from his books.

His stories led to Jasper and Newton Counties being situated next to each other in many states like Mississippi, Georgia and other states across the nation.

We love to talk about the history we have in Newton County. If you are ever looking to learn more about our Civil War or American Revolutionary War history in Georgia, come by the Newton County Visitors Center we would love to help!

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