Deal of the Year

The Deal of the Year Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the location OR expansion of new business processes in Newton County. These projects will meet community economic development goals and involve significant community, regional and/or state program support, such as financial or permitting assistance, workforce development, state financial support, etc.

Emerging Business

The Emerging Business of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding business that has made an impact in the business community by the promotion of “Buying Chamber”, providing a valued service, advancing business best practices and strengthening the employment base.

Dick James Small Business of the Year Award

Dick James was the President of the Newton County Chamber of Commerce 1987-1994. He dedicated his life to supporting businesses and bettering the community. He was often the motivation behind many businesses moving to Newton County. It is with great pride this Small Business of the Year was dedicated in his honor.

R.O. Arnold Award

Mr. Robert O. Arnold set the standard by which a community measures its greatest citizens. In business leadership, community outreach, church service and, most importantly, education, he had no equal. Today, we honor his memory and his example, by giving the R.O. Arnold Award to individuals that display extraordinary community service.

Honorary Member

1975 Mrs. Sara Jernigan / Mr. WM. Dickey / Mr. “Bob” Arnold

1976 Dr. N. Bond Fleming

1978 Marshall R. Elizer

Spirit of Excellence

This award is one that is voted upon by the staff of the Chamber of Commerce to show their appreciation for an individual or individuals that have gone above and beyond the norm in supporting and volunteering at the Chamber.
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