Deal of the Year

The Deal of the Year Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the location OR expansion of new business processes in Newton County. These projects will meet community economic development goals and involve significant community, regional and/or state program support, such as financial or permitting assistance, workforce development, state financial support, etc.




Deal of the Year

2010 – SKG, Inc.

2011 – Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing, Inc.

2012 – Baxter International

2013 – Newton College and Career Academy

2015 – Holiday Inn Express

2016 – Three Ring Studios

2017 – 278 Community Improvement District

2018 – Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing, Inc.

2019 – Facebook Data Center

2020-Legacy Industries: Beaver Mfg, Bridgestone, Fiber Visions General Mills

2021-SKC Expansion

2022 Rivian

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