Celebrate Good Times: Vampire Parties Held at Lockwood Mansion


Calling all TVD (The Vampire Diaries) fans, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember all parties held at the Lockwood Mansion aka Worthington Manor in Covington Ga. Even though we are still mourning the end of our favorite TV show, we can still reminisce about all the fun parties held at the mansion. This gorgeous mansion was used in every single season of TVD.

The very first time the Lockwood mansion appears is the episode, “Family Ties.” In this episode Elena discovers Stefan and Damon’s names in the history of Mystic Falls during the Founder’s Ball. Let’s throw it back all the way to 1864 for the very first Founder’s Ball at the original Lockwood Mansion. This is in season one episode six, “ Lost Girls.” Katherine and Stefan went to the party together. This is when Stefan and Damon were human. Katherine compelled Stefan during this episode. A lot of confessions happened in this episode. Katherine confessed to George Lockwood that she is a vampire and she knows he is a werewolf. Stefan also confessed his love to Katherine.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Masquerade Ball from season two that was held at the Lockwood Mansion. This is when Katherine is disguised as Elena because she is trying to get the moonstone. This is also a major episode because Katherine compelled Sarah, a friend of Tyler’s, to fight until he kills her. Sarah stabbed Tyler and he shoved her hard into a desk and she died. This triggered the werewolf curse for Tyler. Did you know that the TV and Film museum has props from this episode?? We have the items from the room that Katherine was locked in and even have her dress that she wore.

 So, who remembers when Klaus held the Homecoming Dance at Tyler’s house aka Lockwood Mansion? The dance was originally supposed to be held at the High School, but Klaus heard that his father Mikael was dead, so he asked Tyler to throw a party at his house. For everyone to come to Tyler’s house instead of the high school Klaus ordered one of his hybrids to stage a water main break at the school. But of course, Mikael was not dead; it was just a plan by Damon, Rebekah Elena and Stefan to bring Klaus back to Mystic Falls.