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Charlie Elliott: A Quick Biography

Charlie Elliott wildlife center

Charlie Elliott was a Covington, Georgia native who was born in 1906 and was with us until 2000. Although Elliott played many roles in many different careers around north Georgia, he is most notably known as the very first Director of Georgia State Parks. He was the director from 1937 to 1938. Along with playing a large role in the state’s outdoor programs, he was also a bureaucrat and a writer.
Immediately after ending his term as the Director of Georgia State Parks, he became the Commissioner of Natural Resources and continued as the Commissioner until 1941. He continued his critical role in Georgia’s wildlife department as the first Director of the Game and Fish Commission in 1943. He held this position until 1949. Today, that department is now known as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.
While holding several different roles in the Georgia State Parks department, Charlie Elliott also became the Southeastern Field Editor for Outdoor Life magazine in 1950 and held this role until his death in 2000. Along with editing for the Outdoor Life Magazine, Charlie Elliott was also the author of several different books. Some of these books include “Gone Fishin’,” “Gone Huntin’,” and “East Lake Country Club History.”
In all that Charlie Elliott did throughout his lifetime, it was evident that he was dedicated to all of the wildlife in the state of Georgia and the state departments that surrounded different wildlife or natural resource divisions. Charlie Elliott also held close ties to other well-known Covington residents such as Bobby Jones, who founded the Augusta National Golf Club, and Robert W. Woodruff, a Coca-Cola professional.

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