Civil War Battle Sites: Old Starrsville Store

Old Starrsville Store Civil War Battle SitesFor history lovers, visiting Civil War battle sites in Georgia is an interesting thing to do in Georgia that will help them learn more about the past.  Every place has its own fascinating history that can give its people an identity that they should be proud of. Just like in Starrsville, Georgia, its famous Old Starrsville Store is a popular historical landmark that reminds its local folks of how their city came to be.

The Old Starrsville Store is one of the usual destinations for Civil War tours and should definitely be on your list of historical places to visit in Georgia. Unfortunately, this iconic landmark is now a small rock that is located at the southwest corner of County Highway 213 and Dixie Rd. Along this busy road stands a time-weathered plaque which reminds visitors that it was once the site of a historical building. Therefore, for those who love biking or strolling, visiting this site and reflecting on their community’s past is one of the favorite things to do in Georgia.

Old Starrsville Store History

Considered as one of the oldest towns in Newton County, Georgia, Starrsville lies 6 miles away from Covington, Georgia. The community started in the early 1820’s when the place was settled by the Starr family. By the earlier part of 1830’s, it was Starrsville Store Civil War Battle Site landmarkalready an established village since several farms, a church, a post office, and a general store were already standing. Moreover, the Starr Store Building was the center of the community. This store was first managed by George Leak then later on passed on to John Starr and some others before it got into the hands of Mrs. E.A. King. This led  to its name King’s Grocery.

This store was a two-story wooden building, with the second floor used as a meeting room for the Temperance Union, Masonic Lodge, and other political parties during the Civil War. This building continued to exist until it was demolished in 1992. A stone now stands on the site and it is included as one of Georgia’s Civil War battle sites and included in its Civil War tours.

Aside from being one of the great places to visit in Georgia, the Old Starrsville Store is one of the tourist attractions in Georgia included in the state’s Civil War tours. Even local people from the state can still enjoy this historical spot since strolling around can be one of the best things to do in Georgia.

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