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Covington Ga Homegrown Trilogy- The Twelve Oaks Inn

Homegrown Trilogy Twelve Oaks InnIn Covington, Georgia we have many homegrown trilogies. These trilogies contain the history, hauntings, and Hollywood, of Covington, Georgia. The Twelve Oaks Inn Bed and Breakfast is one of our homegrown trilogies. We love the unique stories this historic building holds within its walls.

The Twelve Oaks Inn has a long history in Covington, Georgia. In 1939, Margret Mitchell saw a picture of the building in the Atlanta Journal. She sent a clipping of the picture to Wilbur Kurtz, an Atlanta historian who was in on Hollywood consulting). She told him that this is what she wanted Ashley’s house to look like.

If you feel like you have seen The Twelve Oaks Inn before that might be why.

Another reason could be because of the Hollywood aspect that The Twelve Oaks Inn has. The Twelve Oaks Inn has been used to film popular TV Shows like The Vampire Diaries, In the Heat of the Night, and Dukes of Hazzard. It has also been used for a ton of movie filming’s; including, My Cousin Vinny, Sweet Home Alabama, the recent Footloose, Remember the Titans, and A Family That Preys. Most recently it was used for the newest Vacation sequel. Personally we can’t wait to see it in theaters!

However, to be one of our trilogies it also has to have a haunting.

The Twelve Oaks does have a haunting. It is rumored that one time a writer stayed at the inn so that she could get some work done. However, while she was there she said that she felt ghosts in the inn!

We are lucky to call The Twelve Oaks Inn one of our homegrown trilogies. We love to see the beauty of this historic house when we are walking down the street in Covington, Georgia. Next time you come visit us, make sure you stay or visit this beautiful Covington homegrown trilogy.

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