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Covington, Georgia’s Women of the Civil War

Did you know Newton county use to house two women who impacted the Civil War? These two women are Zora Fair and Jane Conner. Zora Fair lived in Oxford, Georgia and Jane Connor lived off of Floyd Street in Covington, Georgia. While Zora came close to being captured by Sherman, most people will say Jane was actually captured by him!

When the citizens of Covington, Georgia heard Sherman was going to march through their city on his way to the sea, most of them stayed inside. Sherman’s march took a while though! So when Sherman’s army didn’t show up in a timely fashion, Jane’s mother decided they weren’t coming at all! She needed some things from the store so she sent young Jane out to the store with a list.

Since Jane lived on Floyd, she wasn’t far from the town. However, by the time she was walking home Sherman’s army had arrived! As Jane was walking back to her house the army followed her home. Whether she was captured or not we can leave up to you to decide.

Zora Fair had more of a lasting impact on the Civil War. She was not small on courage and wanted to help out the confederates in any way she could. She decided she would do this by spying on the Union army in Atlanta, Georgia. Zora disguised herself as an African-American and walked to Sherman’s army camp saying she was looking for her husband. While she was there, she was able to overhear Sherman’s plan to split the army in two for the march to the sea.

She knew she had to get this information to General Joseph Johnston in North Carolina. So she hastily left the camp. On her way back she fell out of character and was shot at by a sentinel! Luckily, Zora was able to feign death and sneak away later.

Zora wrote her letter to General Joseph Johnston. Unfortunately for her, Federal scouts intercepted the letter. General Sherman sent a party to Oxford, Georgia to find Zora, however, the party was unable to find her! It is said that Zora hid in many places to be evade being captured.

While it is not for sure if either of these women were actually captured, we are sure that they impacted the history of Covington, Georgia. If you would like to read more about the Civil War stories of these women please check out the book White Columns in Georgia by Medora Field Perkerson.

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