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Covington History: Burge Plantation – Part 1

wartimeIt is well known that Covington history is vast and impressive, with so many different historical landmarks and stories of war heroes. The Civil War holds many times of trial for the city of Covington; it’s hard to imagine what it must have been like for the people who had to experience the March of the Sea, or any other war-related misfortunes this city’s citizens of the time faced.

What was going through their minds as soldiers passed through? What loss did they see? What hardships did they have being invaded in the 1800’s? These are all questions that Covington residents probably have had at least once or twice within their lives, coming from a place with such a rich history. Learning about Covington’s history, and the history of past citizens of Covington, is an important way to remember the past and plan for the future.

The Burge Plantation also has a rich history, with many trials and tribulations of its own.  Many people have visited there for a wedding, a dinner, or to hunt, so wouldn’t it be interesting to know just how it favored during those four years, from 1861 to 1865, during the American Civil War?

Dolly Sumner Lunt, or Mrs. Thomas Burge, kept a journal of what happened at the plantation, which have been pieced together in a book titled Woman’s Wartime Journal. These are first-hand accounts of the hardships she encounters from the Yankees coming through Covington, with her daughter, Sarah, and her slaves. This 4-part special will take you through what was on her mind, her thoughts, and what trouble she confronted during this Civil War.  Stay tuned for the second part of this Covington , which will be posted next Wednesday!

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