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Covington Jimmy Johns: It’s Fast, Convenient and Open Now!

Covington Jimmy Johns is now open!

There’s nothing like being hungry after a long day and not being sure where to turn. If you have ever felt like this – Covington GA now has a solution for you! Covington Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches just recently opened up in Covington and is the most convenient (and yummiest) meals for both busy Covington residents and visitors who are looking for something to eat that’s quick, easy and always good.
Just the smell of the Covington Jimmy Johns can talk you into stopping by. They make their bread fresh every single day and just one sniff can make your mouth water! Their menu is “tried and true,” all you have to do is pick out what looks the best to you and they’ll make it in a split second. If you’re looking for tomatoes and avocados – they have a sandwich for you. Not sure you like all those veggies? They have a sandwich for that, too!
Not only are they the quickest, best tasting sandwiches around, the Covington Jimmy Johns will deliver right to your door! While they do have a 4-5 minute radius, they are located near the square in Covington, near most of the hotels, to make sure that most can get their Jimmy Johns gourmet sandwiches delivered right to their door any time between 10 am and 10 pm.
If you are hungry and not sure where to turn, turn to the Covington Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches in Covington GA! If you’re already out, just stop in quickly and check out their brand new store and get “free smells” of their freshly made bread. If you’re already at home, give them a call! Every sandwich is made fresh and brought out quickly. Learn more about Covington’s newest restaurant here and give them a call today!

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