Covington Walk of Stars #27: Madea’s Family Reunion

madeaThe holidays are all about visiting with family members, and this week’s Covington Walk of Stars is all about the drama that can come with family visits.  Walk of Stars stop number 27 is Madea’s Family Reunion, which was written and directed by Tyler Perry, who also stars as the lead role of Madea.  It also features Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield and Maya Angelou.

While Madea is planning for her family reunion, other family dramas start to appear, and it is up to Madea to take care of them.  She has to take care of a runaway placed under her care, and her two nieces are troubled and need Madea’s help.  Don’t worry, if anyone can fix their problems and help them realize who they are, Madea can.

Madea’s Family Reunion is the sequel to the hit movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and was released on February 24, 2006 to positive reviews.  This movie has one of the highest wide-release openings, making over $30.3 million in its opening weekend, which shows how many people this movie is able to reach and connect with.

As we get together with our families over the holidays, it’s good to stop and remember why we love them, even if the whole visit is filled with drama.  That’s why we’re happy to include Madea’s Family Reunion to the Covington Walk of Stars Tour.

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