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Covington Walk of Stars Stop 8: Sweet Home Alabama

There are numerous filming locations in Covington Georgia, known as the Hollywood of the SouthSweet Home Alabama is a hit romantic comedy from 2002 starring actress Reese Witherspoon and actors Patrick Dempsey and Josh Lucas. It became a hit for putting to screen a story everyone knows. The classic going home again, the loves you find, and the person you become. This film was directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch, Ever After, Wonder Years, and more) who took this classic story and gave it a Southern spin.  Being filmed in locations all over Georgia including having filming in Covington Georgia, the Hollywood of the South, we thought it fit to see this film added to the Covington Walk of Stars as the #8 spot on the Covington Walk of Stars.

Filmed in Georgia, Sweet Home Alabama has a great way of warming your heart and making you feel at home in its Southern charm. Patrick Dempsey and Josh Lucas play the men of interest to the main character Melanie Smooter. Dempsey and Lucas really excelled in portraying the men who are fighting to keep what they find valuable. Add Reese Witherspoon and Sweet Home Alabama is a recipe for good ol’ Southern charm!

 “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right where you left it…” This famous tagline from the movie really says it all as far as life in general. Sweet Home Alabama shows society’s delusions of grandeur versus simple joys in life. Young Melanie displays this in the film by feeling ashamed of where she came from and her efforts to get away all leading her back again.

Melanie could be given the white horse, the prince, the perfect wedding, the big house, picket fence, and all kinds of money, but in most cases like many people, she finds when you get what you thought you wanted it really wasn’t what you wanted at all… In order to figure this out one needed to venture from their Home Sweet Home. Ironically enough it’s exactly what Melanie did that led her back again…the city of Covington residents are proud to call this Walk of Stars filming location home, and keeping with tradition we welcome you to the #8 spot on the Covington Walk of Stars – Sweet Home Alabama!

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