Covington’s Best Spots to See the Annual Fireworks

spots to see the annual fireworksHappy July 4th, everyone! On this day, in 1776, a young nation declared its independence from tyranny and tea taxes, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This document would declare, for all to read, that thirteen small colonies were now one nation, independent of English sovereignty. History remembers the celebration that occurred in every courthouse in the nation, as our Declaration was read aloud. We still honor this day with celebrations and fireworks in every town in the United States. Now, you know that Covington never misses an opportunity to celebrate. And, because we are the Hollywood of the South, we’ll be celebrating the day with dramatic flair and style, with the biggest firework display around. If you’ve been on the lookout for a special viewing spot, consider this your guide! We’ve scouted out the five best locations for viewing the Main Street Covington Fourth of July fireworks.

covington fireworks

While it’s no longer a city secret, the roof of the Mystic Grill is one of the best “Up and Close” vantages for the fireworks. Not only can you enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks while you toast America’s birthday, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of our County courthouse. But, have you seen the magnificent balcony of the Irish Bred Pub? Located right next to the Cork, the Pub is a two-story behemoth that feels anything but. With a local flavor to Irish foods, you’ll feel right at home. The Pub is putting on a party for the Fourth and allowing visitors to dine on the balcony as the fireworks display begins. Be aware, both the Mystic Grill and the Irish Bred Pub’s Fourth of July viewing parties are pay to play. The two are selling tickets to their perspective events at their restaurant locations. But, with a view like this, it’s absolutely worth it.

Our next three spots are totally free! And, one is a completely local secret. The absolute best spot to enjoy our Covington fireworks, is right on the Square, in Square Park. You can enjoy a view from the lawn and celebrate with your closest 10,000 friends (btw, that’s how many people came out last year. We’re hoping for many more new friends this year). Parking is limited so you may want to show up early to grab a choice spot. Can we recommended right beneath Veteran’s Memorial? If you were thinking of something with a bit more height to it, try the Square’s parking deck. The top level is completely uncovered and has a clear view of the night sky. But, if you’re looking for a top secret, ultra-exclusive, fireworks display location, get yourself to the Kroger Parking Lot. No really! The Kroger parking lot is located directly behind the Square and is far enough away that you can see the sky and the Courthouse in the background. It’s perfect for pictures to remember your holiday for years.

Be sure to scout out these locations and post your Fourth of July pictures to our Facebook page. We hope this guide will give you and your family the perfect scene to remember how our Nation began. Enjoy the fireworks and our annual Fourth of July on the Square block party! We’ll see you all there!

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