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Delicious Dining at RL’s Off the Square in Covington, Georgia

RL's Off the SquareWhen visiting Covington, Georgia, people often ask for recommendations on where to eat. All of our restaurants have something different: southern home-cooking, Thai, or Cajun restaurants can be found on our square. A lot of people will notice the Mardi Gras decorated storefront of RL’s Off the Square. This beautiful storefront is decorated with masks and Mardi Gras colored streamers, it invites you to come in! RL’s Off the Square has traditional Cajun food that is sure to have you coming back for more.

RL’s Off the Square is housed in one of our older, historic buildings. This gives it high beautiful ceilings that feel as if you have all the room in the world. It also has a bar area that is perfect for a night out alone, or for getting drinks with friends. The inviting atmosphere of the restaurant will make for a perfect night out.

They have an amazing appetizer menu! It includes many authentic Louisiana favorites like crab cakes, shrimp and grit cakes, and greens. These flavorful dishes will leave your mouth reeling for more. Which is perfect because you will still have another course to eat!

The main course will make you feel as if you have stepped into Louisiana for dinner. With authentic choices like gumbo, red beans and rice, and shrimp etouffee, you can’t go wrong. One of our favorite things about all these dishes are they are flavored perfectly. While it may be a tradition to add Tabasco sauce to the dishes before eating, the flavors are so on point that you don’t have to add it!

We know when you visit The Hollywood of the South you want the Hollywood experience. When you visit RL’s Off the Square you will feel as if you are the star of a movie. With their exceptional service and amazing food, you will feel as if you’re being served in Hollywood. We hope to see you soon in Covington, Georgia, and we can’t wait to try the new specials at RL’s Off the Square.

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