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Eastside High School Academic Team Wins State

In Newton County we value education and love it when we get to see our students excel. Just last month, on March 21st, we had the opportunity to see the academic team from Eastside High School go above and beyond at the state championship. In order to advance to the state championship that took place on March 21st, the Eastside High School academic team competed very well throughout the season.

Academic Team competitions feature buzzers, similar to those featured on the game show Jeopardy. The teams consist of four or five students that compete against each other by answering different questions that span their entire high school curriculum. The questions are less like trivia questions and are much more in depth. According to an article released by CovNews on March 31st, 2015, the Eastside Academic Team Coach, Eric Adams, said, “It combines a blend of individual competition and team collaboration.”

The Georgia Academic Team Association groups Georgia high schools into six different divisions based on school populations and as a result, names six different state champions at the state competition. Eastside High School competed in Division 4. Almost 60 teams competed in the state championship this year.

After taking home a state championship award, the Eastside High School Academic Team will compete nationally in Chicago for the National Academic Quiz Tournaments’ High School National Championship Tournament. 272 high school teams will compete for the national title. This will be Eastside’s second trip to the national championships, as they competed previously in it in 2012 in Atlanta.

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