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Experience Rural Walking Dead Film Locations During Walker Stalker Con

Calling all zombie fanatics! Are you making a journey to Atlanta for Walker Stalker Con 2017? Hoardes of The Walking Dead fans will migrate to Atlanta from October 27th-29th to experience the very city where this post-apocalyptic series began. Here, convention-goers can participate in exclusive tours, panels, and workshops and also spot a cast member or two.

Speaking of tours, our partners with Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls Tours are always in attendance, so make sure to stop by booth #'s 216 and 218 for information and coupon codes on tours in Newton County! The Vampire Stalkers also carry tons of walking dead merchandise at their store in Covington, On location Gifts.

Did you know that Newton County is home to the rural Walking Dead film locations featured in the series pilot? We’re proud to have welcomed production crews to our community for scenes filmed in Season 1, episode 1, Days Gone Bye.

walker stalker con
Location in Mansfield where Rick and Shane are eating lunch in the beginning of Days Gone Bye

The parking lot of Blackwell’s Grocery and the Mansfield Post Office are where Rick and Shane are eating burgers and fries when the dispatcher alerts them to a local convict on the run. Spears Lane Road in the countryside of historic Mansfield, Georgia is the road driven in the scene where Rick and Shane are in pursuit of this criminal, and where the gunfight ensues. This is ultimately what puts Rick in the Atlanta hospital where he wakes up present-day.

Later in this episode, the gorgeous white farmhouse that Rick wanders up to after running out of gas is also a local home in Mansfield, Georgia. This location is not available for public tours.

walker stalker con
White Farmhouse in Mansfield, Georgia

However, if you are interested in on-location tours in Newton County, the Vampire Stalkers offer a variety of film location tours for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals! We know zombies are to die for right now, but we also have vampires, werewolves and witches to add to your supernatural experience. For the weekend of Walker Stalker Con, bring your event badge with you to Mystic Falls Tours for $5 off!

Additionally, visitors who bring their Walker Stalker Con badges to the Hollywood of the South® Museum will receive $1 off admission. This museum features props, costumes, and set pieces from locally-lensed TV and film such as The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, and more. We are currently accepting items from Georgia productions to curate in this exhibit, so you truly never know WHAT you may see on display!

So during your journey to Atlanta for Walker Stalker Con this October, take a short 30 mile detour to see these rural locations from The Walking Dead series pilot, and also to experience the real-life location of Mystic Falls!

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