Find a Place to Relax at Common Ground Coffee House

a place to relax“The vehicle was coffee.” When a local church decided to create a gathering space for members of the Covington community, their first thought was to build a coffee house. Coffee houses have traditionally been used as meeting places for people to relax and have stimulating conversations, and to enjoy their favorite stimulating beverages. Connexion Pastor Andrew Covington said, “We kind of talked about how great it would be if we could do something community-minded if we could buy that property and do outreach […] A coffee house naturally does that. Our church has a heart for a center for the community.” Thus, Common Ground Coffee House was born.

place to relaxCommon Ground is housed in a historic home, located right next door to Connexion Church. The house has been divided into four rooms, where people can gather in comfort and style. When you first walk into the coffee house, you’re met with a warmly lit room complete with couches and a working fireplace. Check out the gallery wall, where local artists can display their artwork and photography. Head to the open café area, with its cool, modern lights and order one of Common Ground’s famous hand-crafted pour over coffees. For those not “in-the-know”, a pour-over refers to the brewing method for the coffee. Hot water is literally poured over fresh coffee grounds, resulting in a stronger and more delicious cup of Joe. You can also experiment with a wide variety of flavored syrups, soy, almond, and coconut milks, and flavored teas, too.

place to relaxOnce you’ve claimed your cup, it’s time to pick a place to relax. You can crash on the couches, in the front room, but we recommend checking out the two meeting rooms, inside Common Grounds. Our favorite is the Tiffany Blue room. The room itself is small and quiet, with a small fireplace and small conference table. It’s perfect for brainstorming meetings or small parties. If you need something a bit more professional, head to The Board Room. Its bright orange walls provide stimulation and the room’s large size allows for everyone to gather comfortably. There’s even a deck, located in the back of Common Ground, for people who need a breath of fresh air and for parents to relax, while their children play on the playground.

Our favorite thing about Common Ground though, is its overall mission. The coffee house is a non-profit organization; with monies going into mission and outreach for the community. So far, Common Ground Coffee House has helped with Newton County homelessness and county-wide rehabilitation efforts for those suffering with chemical dependencies. So, not only will you be sampling delicious, locally sourced (Common Ground brews Safe House Coffee Roasters, based in Griffin, Georgia) coffee, you’re contributions will go directly back into our community. What more reason could you need? Visit Common Ground Coffee House today, for the best meeting spot in Covington. Sip your favorite brew in style, and know that you’re helping your fellow man, on cup of coffee at a time. 

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