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Go on an Adventure in Covington, Georgia on the Yellow River

Factory Shoals Yellow River

Covington GA has many fun water attractions to offer for this summer. The Yellow River water trail has become a desired activity for family, groups, and friends to get together to enjoy this amazing trail. The Yellow River is 53 miles long and has three established access points. The Yellow River is known for its' relaxing water trails and the water activities.
Among the water activities, kayaking is the most popular of them all. Kayaking on the Yellow River is a great way for people to catch a glimpse of the iconic beauty of the water trail. Kayaking on the Yellow River in Covington GA is the perfect way for the community to get together and see the historic significance of the Yellow River.
While on the river, you will get to see many scenic spots such as the Porterdale Lofts. Some movies have been filmed outside of the lofts so make sure to look out for any actors you could see!
If you want to rent a kayak for the Yellow River water trail, then check out the YAK club located in the historical Porterdale village. The YAK club provides kayaks for kayakers to rent to go along the Yellow River water trail. Come down and enjoy this remarkable water trail while kayaking with your loved ones!

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