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Haunted Covington, Georgia- Church Street Antique Store

Ghost stories have been around for an extremely long time. They have been around since Covington, Georgia was even settled! Ghost stories have been popular since they were first told Romans ruled and they’re still just as popular today. Stories of specters tormenting families or tempting men fascinate and scare the still living.

That’s why haunted Covington, Georgia is a place for ghost hunters to visit. Their old Civil War history and historic buildings entice ghosts to stick around. From Gaither’s Plantation to the historic City of Covington Cemetery you never know what spirit you might run into.

Personally, I had never believed in ghost. I didn’t understand why a spirit would want to stick around a haunt a person. However, after I visited Church Street Antique’s my view of ghosts changed forever.

One day after moving down here I had gone on the In the Heat of the Night tour. The tour ended with us visiting the Church Street Antique Market. I started talking to the owners of the store who told me about the ghost who haunted the store.

The owners say that the young, female ghost followed them from their old store. They say what is most distinct about the ghost is her flowery smell. That’s how they know she followed from their old store because they could smell her on their Christmas tree when they unpacked.

It’s not only the owners who have noticed the ghost’s aroma, unsuspecting shoppers have also commented on the flowery smell! Some customers have even said they have felt her presence in the store. Those who see here say that she looks like she is a pre-teen girl.

Since it was my first time hearing a real-life ghost story, I shrugged it off and left the store. As I was getting in my car after the tour, I noticed something strange. My car reeked of flowers! I have never bought an air freshener for the car, so the smell had to be from something else.

I was so scared the ghost would follow me that I drove around the Covington Square a few times before going home. I guess I was hoping that I could lose her by driving! Eventually the smell left my car and I returned home with a new outlook on ghosts.

I guess maybe the young ghost wanted a new friend her age to hang out with, but I haven’t seen anything from her since that day. Do you have any ghost stories from around Covington, Georgia? If you do let us know about them!

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