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Haunted Covington, Georgia- The Newton County Visitors Center

hollywood-of-the-south_smEveryday many people visit the Newton County Visitors Center. They come in for The Vampire Stalkers tours or they come to learn what to do in Newton County. Many of these unsuspecting visitors don’t know that ghosts live in haunted Covington, Georgia. We think we even have one in the Newton County Visitors Center. Recently, our intern had a run-in with the ghost while working.

We have thought that theres been a ghost here for a while. The Tourism Director, Jenny McDonald, has heard him before. She said one time while working she kept hearing a game of jacks being played above her. However, when she would go upstairs to check on it, there was nothing up there. This happened many times one day and no answer was ever found.

Strange occurrences like that have been happening for some time in the Newton County Visitors Center. At one time a family occupied the building. They had a young son who was often watched by a babysitter. The story says that when the babysitter was watching the baby she put him down for a nap. The crib was on the far side of the room by some windows. After she put him down and went back downstairs, she heard a loud commotion upstairs.

When she went to check what happened, she found the baby’s crib was blocking the door! She had no way to go in and check on the frightened child. Eventually, she was able to get in and grab the child. After that, she sat on the front porch until the parents came back home. She told them she thought they might have a ghost.

When our intern heard these stories she tried to communicate with the ghost. Nothing ever happened of it until last week. She was sitting in her office typing on her computer when out of the corner of her eye she noticed something moving.

She had sat her computer bag in one of the chairs next to her. However, it suddenly started to stand straight up. The bag stayed standing straight up for the rest of the day after that. Once it occurred the hairs on her neck stood straight up and she tried talking to the ghost again.

However, nothing else happened.

Have you visited the Newton County Visitors Center and noticed some ghost activity? If you did let us know about it!

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