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Haunting at the Newton County Visitor’s Bureau


When you first visit our fair town of Covington, be sure to visit the Newton County Visitors Bureau. Located on Clark Street, this seemingly benign white Greek revival house has been home to the Chamber for 30 years, and the Visitor’s Center was added in 1996 during the Olympics. But the history doesn’t stop there! Some of the visitors to our Newton Chamber building also include the afterlife. Join us as we spin the tale of a ghostly nanny, who has lost her charge. She stalks the halls of the Visitors Bureau, looking for another child to take care of.

According to legend, the family who owned the house originally were very prosperous citizens of Covington. They had children and built their lives in the Greek revival home. As the children grew, and their business prospered, the family decided to hire a nanny to care for them. The nanny was a delight to behold and very proficient at her job. She was, quite literally, the perfect caretaker for the growing family. Until one day, when one of the children never came home.

hauntingNo one is sure what happened to the child. No ransom was ever demanded of the wealthy family. The toddler simply vanished, without a trace. The family did not blamed nanny, of course, but she never forgave herself. She would soon leave the family that she had grown to love, heartbroken over her lost charge. Legend has it, the nanny never gave up in her search keeping a watchful eye on the home she loved even in the afterlife. She is known to pace back and forth along the upstairs hall in the Visitors Bureau. Workers have also heard voices and cries of both a woman and a baby, from the upstairs rooms.

The Nanny is an almost forgotten tale from Covington’s past. It’s so lost, in fact, that the names of the family, the missing child, and the nanny cannot be confirmed. But, recent witnesses have found empirical evidence that the nanny exists. On a recent Covington Ghost Tour, Michelle from Covington (names may have been changed to protect the living) may have captured a picture of the nanny. She claims that, while walking past the Chamber during her tour, she noticed the blinds in the upstairs window suddenly open and shut. As she hastily reached for her cell phone, she saw a figure of a woman peering out of the window. Perhaps she was waiting for her child to come back home? Two women also say that, while cleaning what was an upstairs bedroom in the home, the door to the room slammed shut and locked. After their release, the women say they felt that they were being grounded by the nanny for being too rambunctious in their cleaning. Current Chamber staff members who work in this building have also experienced some strange happenings while working late, and reports of phantom footsteps pacing back and forth on the upstairs level have circulated.

Can you find out the secret to one of Covington’s oldest legends? Perhaps, but you’ll have to visit the Newton County Visitors Bureau to find out! Peruse through our movie memorabilia and get more information about our local tours and hot spots to visit. Then, why not take your very own ghost tour? Get up close and personal with the spirits of our historic home. Report back to us immediately if the nanny lets you in on her secrets.

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