Heart Healthy Places To Eat in Newton County


February is American Heart Month and we’re embracing some of our local restaurants in Newton County that can attract your interest for eating healthy with wellness tourism. While you’re rethinking how to achieve your New Year’s resolutions for being healthier, plan a visit to these restaurants when you are in search of heart-healthy places to eat! 

Oxford Dining Hall

Head to Oxford Dining Hall at Oxford College of Emory and experience an amazing farm-to-table restaurant in Newton County. The restaurant might be on a college campus, but it’s not ordinary college food like you might have had in the past. As a destination for wellness tourism, the restaurant follows simple principles that start with food in its basic, most natural form and creates healthy, culinary dishes that you’ll love!

From simmering stocks to finishing sauces and roasting meats, meals are made from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients, local sources and seasonal produce. Plus, they have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. You can order from the menu or visit any of their specialty cooking stations where diners can select ingredients and then see their meal prepared.

Pita Mediterranean Street Food

When you think heart-healthy, a Mediterranean diet probably comes to mind. If you are interested in traveling for medical tourism to get Mediterranean cuisine for a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to go as far as they think. You can get fresh, delicious and authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Newton County at Pita Mediterranean Street Food. Choose heart-healthy options that include handmade falafels, salads, hummus, and freshly prepared sauces that will please your palate. In addition, they also have a kid’s menu.

City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy is a culinary dream with an authentic menu that is a collaboration of chefs, mixologists, farmers and artisans. They claim to have “the sure cure for it all”. Indeed, there are many options on the menu for eating well during American Heart Month. You might have heard that for a heart-healthy meal plan for a variety of colorful vegetables. Let your thoughts wander to colorful dishes that sound so good – like the Pecan Goat-cheese encrusted Pork Tenderloin with its sweet potatoes and red cabbage, or the Gnocchi with chicken, squash, carrots, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and edamame.

Additionally, City Pharmacy is attractive as a wellness tourism and medical tourism destination because of its original history as a family-owned drug store. The restaurant is in a building that operated as a licensed pharmacy for 70 years. Since the early 1920s, people would travel to the pharmacy for medical treatment. While it no longer offers medicinal cures for what ails you, it continues to build a bridge between the Covington of yesterday, today and tomorrow where friends meet for great food.


Did you know that the Japanese are one of the longest living people on our planet? Much of their longevity is said to come from their diet. At Osake, you can eat a healthy diet like the Japanese do with Sushi, Hibachi, and Poke. A great meal option is the Tuna or Salmon Poke on a bed of greens with edamame, avocado, ginger, garbanzo beans, cucumber, masago and peppadews. If raw Tuna or Salmon isn’t your thing, then you’ll love the grilled chicken or salmon from the Hibachi with soup, salad, and rice.

Your Pie

Pizza can be heart-healthy, too! With fresh ingredients that you select for your own customized pizza, Your Pie is a great place to eat during American Heart Month. The key to choosing healthy at Your Pie, and at any restaurant for that matter, is in selecting foods made with the right ingredients. Stay away from processed meats and minimize foods and sauces with high sodium. Whether you’re on a keto diet or going low-carb, high-protein, vegan or anything in between, they have the pizza, pasta and salad toppings that fit perfectly into your healthy lifestyle.

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