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Historical Places To Visit In Georgia: Cedar Shoals – Porterdale

Things To Do In Georgia: Cedar Shoals-PorterdaleAmong the list of historical places to visit in Georgia is Cedar Shoals – Porterdale. The reference to Porterdale was made in 1830 as the tiny grist mill and settlement of Cedar Shoals, located just south of Covington, Georgia. The name Cedar Shoals gave homage to the beautiful cedar trees around the settlement. At that time, the property only boasted seven houses within it.

Later on Cedar Shoals bought another settlement that was called Boston. The houses of this settlement were moved to north side of the river in order to make it comfortable for the people living there. If you are interested in Civil War history you can visit various Civil War battle sites in Cedar Shoals – Porterdale.

Followers of the Industrial Revolution note Cedar Shoals – Porterdale as one of  the most remarkable places of its time. Noah Philips and his partners, who were from Litchfield, Connecticut, aimed to build a foundry in the South. Noah first invested his capital in establishing a factory for the purpose of wool carding and cotton. The factory was named as Cedar Shoals Manufacturing Company, later known as Porterdale Mills, Inc.

After a few years, the company’s one half of the ownership came to Charles Camp, whose death made the ownership inherited to his wife Julia Camp and his daughter Charley Camp. Julia Camp later on gets married to Oliver S. Porter who came from Penfield seeking for a teacher’s job and also worked as a bookkeeper.

Oliver S. Porter sold the estates of Camp and built a new house called Cedar Shoals Place which later on camThings to do in Georgia, Visit Cedar Shoalse to be known as Porter’s Place. The home was built on the south side of the river on a knoll overlooking the mill. The house is said to have been a perfect masterpiece of carpentry and carvings.

Cedar Shoals is now called Porterdale in memory of Oliver S Porter. The historical importance of the place has made it a must see one among the registry of historical places to visit in Georgia. Today, visitors looking for things to do in Georgia can explore Cedar Shoals – Porterdale and spend the day shopping at Porterdale Mill Lofts or rent a canoe or kayak from the Porterdale YAK Club and paddle down the Yellow River.

Footnote: Historical research reference thanks to Porterdale Mill and

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