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Horror History in Covington, Georgia

Horror History CovingtonThe city of Covington, Georgia has been around so long that it has been able to amass a huge amount of history. While some of this history is as happy as the small town, there is some dark history in the town too. From murders to fires, the stories from the 1800’s have brought around some of the best ghost stories in Covington, Georgia.

On December 23rd 1882, only two days before Christmas, angry shots were fired throughout the square. Many people had come to celebrate the festive season, but no one guessed what would happen that night. A fight had broken out at a bar and it would soon leave two dead.

Will Smith, a man from Jasper County, and James Banks met at the bar that night. They had been neighbors when they both lived in Jasper County, but recently Banks had moved back to Covington.

Smith wanted Banks to play a game of cards with him, however, Banks continuously refused. Fighting developed and soon Banks had pushed Smith against a window. The two were quickly pulled apart.

However, when they were pulled apart, Smith pulled out a gun. Smith shot Banks in the right chest and he quickly died. Then an enraged Smith tried to leave, however, a crowd followed him.

One person in the crowd, Alex Hendrick, was able to catch up to Smith. He tried to apprehend Smith but Smith shot him in the stomach. Hendrick died within the next 30 minutes.

Smith soon tired of his fleeing and was captured by the Sheriff. He was tried for involuntary manslaughter and found guilty.

The horror history in Covington, Georgia has led it be filled with ghost stories that are told to many generations. Many of the stories live through the stories passed down throughout the town. If you want to hear more ghost stories make sure you pen Covington, Georgia as a place to visit.

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