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How to Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and if you are wondering how to support small businesses while heading out to catch last-minute Christmas events, Newton County has a thriving small business community. We have amazing places to eat in Covington Ga along with unique places to shop where you can get all types of locally made products and services.

Small businesses are independently owned with a few employees. Think mom and pop stores. Small businesses can also be independently owned franchises where the owner has bought into a system for operating, marketing and supplying a product or service for their business.

When considering how to support a small business that is independently owned or a franchise, the key is understanding how it is operated. A small business might have the owner being the operator. He/she might have one or only a few locations. In comparison, a larger business typically would have multiple locations and various levels of management overseeing the operations.

Now that you know how to identify a small business, supporting them is easy with these tips.

Combine shopping with trips to holiday events.

You’ll want to join in on the fun at the Christmas Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, Dec. 14. While you are in downtown, stop by local stores around the Square to shop for gifts. Most of these stores are small businesses and have specialty items that make great holiday gifts for your friends and family. Plan ahead by checking Main Street Covington’s Facebook page to learn about holiday specials that the stores are offering.

Come out to Porterdale to support small businesses when you attend A Village Christmas, hosted by Pathway Community Church, on Sunday, Dec. 22. Add extra time to dine out and visit the stores along Main Street.

In addition, Social Circle has a nice mix of small business restaurants and stores for your holiday shopping experience. You can have a nice shopping excursion with the historical area decorated for the holidays. Learn more as specials are announced by following Downtown Social Circle on Facebook.

Treat the kids to a meal and then visit Santa.

With the season in full swing, Santa has been sighted around the county! It’s a great time to take your kids out to the many places to eat in Covington ga for lunch or dinner and then visit Santa. He will read a magical story and take photos at Chimney Park on Saturday, Dec. 21 during A Magical Presentation at Chimney Park. You can also catch Santa during Friday Night Flicks on Friday, Dec. 20.

Catch dinner after a show.

There are plenty of concerts and shows that will fill you with the holiday spirit. The Nutcracker featuring Covington Regional Ballet is performing at the Porter Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Dec. 14 and Sunday, Dec. 15. There’s also O Come Y'all To Covington at Covington First United Methodist Church on Tuesday, Dec. 17 and Wednesday, Dec. 18. After the show you’ll probably be hungry. Depending on which way you are heading, catch dinner at one of the many independently owned restaurants in Porterdale or Covington.

Contact a small businesses for service.

Remember that supporting small businesses is not all about dining and shopping. A small business can help you maintain your vehicle before your holiday trip. Another one can repair a faucet in preparations for hosting guests. There are many local, small businesses that offer services you are looking for before your guests arrive for Christmas. The Covington-Newton Chamber of Commerce can provide a referral, or you can search on their business directory.

Spread the word!

One of the best ways to support small businesses is to refer them to a friend or family member. You can also spread the good word about their products and services by snapping a picture and sharing it on social media. Remember to tag them! And if you still aren’t sure how to support small business in Newton County, watch the Main Street Christmas video.

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