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In the Heat of the Night Self-Guided Tour

In the Heat of the NightIn the Heat of the Night fans have a lot to look forward to in the month of May. The Re-Heat Tour is going to be in Newton County, with a fun-filled weekend of all things ITHOTN!

Before all of the festivities start, locals and travelers can visit the Covington Square to take an awesome self-guided In the Heat of the Night tour, visiting all of the famous filming locations and putting themselves right in Sparta, Mississippi.

Start your tour at the corner of Southwest Conyers Street and Monticello Avenue Southwest, where you will be at the Sparta Police Station. This was one of the biggest filming spots, and will definitely be a recognizable street. Go up one more street to Reynolds Street Southeast and you’ll be at the Magnolia Café!

After leaving the ITHOTN café, walk a block to Church Street, and you’ll be at Virgil and Althea Tibbs’ Home! Directly across the street is the Sparta Methodist Church. If you head down two streets and back up to Reynolds St., you’ll be standing in front of the Sparta Funeral Home, where so many unfortunate deaths took place.

Go down a few blocks to the corner of South St. SW and Monticello St. SW and you’ll find two of the best In the Heat of the Night spots. First is Chief Gillespie’s home, which is more toward South St. But the jackpot is a great view of Bubba’s apartment, which is on the corner of Ivy St. SW!

After you’ve seen all of these great spots, head over to Baker Field Park. This is where the Sparta Cemetery is, and is sure to get you a spook at night! If you drive back up to Clark St. SW and Monticello St., you’ll find the Sparta Courthouse. This is one of the best places to go as an ITHOTN fan.

Your final destination will be up the street on Newton Dr. NE, where you’ll find the filming location of Sparta High School. Your self-guided tour is official over! Circle back as many times as you like!

Confused about some of the locations? No worries! Visit the Newton County Visitors Center for a brochure with all the locations mapped out for you!

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