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Lingering Spirits of the Tabernacle Cemetery

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.48.13 PMTo see some of Newton’s County’s beautiful rolling hills and farmland, travel south on GA Hwy 11 to the edge of Newton County. There you will see a simple sign for the Tabernacle Cemetery. As you drive up the wooded driveway, watch closely for any lingering spirits! This historical cemetery holds some of Newton County’s pioneer families.

This quiet, isolated, final resting place is said to be very haunted by lingering spirits. There is reported to be the spirit of a WWI Soldier, who darts in and out of the graves and the woods surrounding the cemetery. He has even been seen in the daylight! There is also a WWI Veteran buried here. There are many cold spots that will give you the chills and there is always the feeling that you are being watched! In fact, I have that feeling every time I visit the Tabernacle Cemetery.

This cemetery was established in the 1830’s. The oldest grave on record belongs to Mr. Jacob SlTabernacle Cemetery in Newton Countyagle (1784-1838). Local paranormal groups have investigated this burial ground, even capturing EVP’s. Seeing so many families in this cemetery has led me to begin researching what was once here. Could there have once been a church here?

According to Georgia Informational Archive’s historical maps, from 1839 until 1915, there was a town in this general area of Newton County. The town was called Leakesville. From 1910 until 1915, it was called Leakton. After 1915, there is no record of Leakesville or Leakton at all – it simply disappeared from the maps! The Georgia Archives lists Leakton in 1899 as being convenient to Covington. A 1905 United States Geological Survey states that Leakton was a village named for the man who once ran the village store.

Tabernacle Cemetery in CovingtonLeakton is also found listed from 1899 to 1902 as having a postal service. What happened to the town? Where exactly was it located? A large rock chimney still stands very close to Tabernacle Cemetery; I can’t help but wonder if it was once part of the town.

Are the spirits of Leakesville, or Leakton, lingering to tell their story? I believe there is a story here and the people who once lived, loved, worked and raised their families here, watch over this place, waiting for their story to be told. Be sure to visit the historical Tabernacle Cemetery and see if you feel any eyes on you.


A Note From Our Guest Blogger –

“My name is Trish Robertson Johnson. I became interested in local history while researching my family tree. From searching through old census records, I began to find towns, villages and communities that no longer exist all across the South. My first exploration was finding the “ghost town” of Scull Shoals in Greene County, doing the research, finding local folklore about the town, and then I was hooked! I began researching, exploring, finding disappearing history all around us on every little back road across Georgia.  All we have to do is go out and look! I began the Facebook Page, Heart Of Dixie-Memories, Legends and Ghosts of our Southern Past. I’m currently in the process of publishing my photos and writing a book on local history, in between exploring and searching for more local memories to share with all of you!”

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