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Local Business Spotlight: Places to visit- Covington’s Twelve Oaks Inn

For those of you who have seen Gone with the Wind you might recognize the Twelve Oaks Inn as Ashley’s home Twelve Oaks. What you might not know, is that Twelve Oaks has been transformed into a luxurious bed and breakfast right off of main street Covington, Georgia. Twelve Oaks Inn is an example of Covington, Georgia history that has grown into Hollywood.

Many are probably thinking how can something so old still be relevant? To start, the owners of the inn have made sure to update it with the times.  Every room has a remote control fireplace, docking stations for iPhones, flat panel TV’s and all the other amenities needed for a five star experience. If you were looking for the antebellum experience, don’t worry! Some rooms have been equipped with antique claw foot tubs or ribcage showers. If bathing like the olden days isn’t your thing, you can choose a room with an aromatherapy or chromotherapy spa tub!

If you’re looking for more of the Hollywood experience, you have to look no further than the names of the room. There is the Salvatore Brother’s Study room that is in an actual study.  If you’re more into movies there is the Suite Home Alabama room that is perfect for girl’s night. You are sure to find an adventure in any room you choose.

Besides having amazing rooms, Twelve Oaks also holds unforgettable events. With their undying southern charm, they will work with you to make sure your event fits your wants and needs.

The Twelve Oaks Inn is more than just a bed and breakfast; it is also a slice of the Hollywood of the South.  Scenes from The Vampire Diaries have been filmed inside and outside of the building. However, it’s not only used for television, commercials and films have also been shot on location at the house. Who knows, maybe as you’re eating breakfast at The Twelve Oaks Inn, you might see someone you recognize from the TV.

The Twelve Oaks Inn encompasses many of the things that characterize Covington, Georgia. It has an amazing pre-civil war history; it was built in 1836! Just like Covington, Georgia has, the inn has grown with the times expanding into the Hollywood of the South industry. The two also share the thing that truly makes the South special though, good ole southern charm.

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