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Manic Monday: Forgotten Undertakers that Haunt Covington

If you are a “sensitive” person, you may feel a bit uneasy walking past The Little Store on Church Street toward the Covington Square. After turning the corner to Wild Art, perhaps the twinges and nudgings cause you to reverse your path. This time you make it past Town Square Olive Oil and Square Bikes, only to stop in front of a pair of double doors, locked shut. The aging architecture seems to lend itself to an era gone by, but you try to dismiss the thought based on the tidy retail store fronts surrounding the entryway.

Unable to shake the feeling that there was something calling to you behind the locked entrance, you ask a few of the locals about the history of the building residing on Church Street between Reynolds Street and College Avenue.

The shop owner who runs the new Covington Ghost Tours tells a particularly haunting tale based on research and personal experience. She even asks if you would like to see what lies behind those locked double doors. With sunset still an hour away, you take up the invitation. After all, what could happen in broad daylight?

When the doors are opened, it isn’t the scene of the fallen brick, dusty interior, or wood floor in need of repair that locks your gaze in to the room, it is the activity you cannot explain by ordinary means. The shutter on a new digital camera suddenly locks, making photography of the interior difficult to capture. An intense headache with sudden onset and the muddled feeling of your thoughts make only one option clear…close the doors.historic mortuary

Once back in the serene shop environment, the cause of this super-natural event is revealed. The forgotten area you were shown was occupied by an Undertaker long ago. During an evening of investigation with the East Georgia Paranormal Society, it was confirmed that more than 20 entities who haunt Covington still reside within these bricked walls and just want to be left alone.

Within history, it was written that the early days of Covington closely resembled the “Wild West”.  What unsettled land would be complete without an Undertaker or two? All that remains of this particular Undertaker’s residence is the bricked entrance still wide enough for a horse-drawn funeral coach.

There is still one other visible remnant of Covington’s forgotten Undertakers. Hidden in plain sight, on a sunny day, you can still see the advertisement on the side of a brick building on the corner of Reynolds and Hendrick Street in Downtown Covington. If you observe parts of this building, you will notice the same wide-set entrance as well as a large loading bay (now filled in with brick) that the bodies of the deceased once passed through by carriage.

forgotten undertakers 

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