Manic Monday: The Friendly Ghost of Elm Street

It’s been a while since we’ve felt a little manic. But, this week, our thoughts are definitely on the supernatural. Maybe it’s because we celebrated The Vampire Diaries in style at last Friday’s Bite Night event. 

The spooks came out to Covington, Georgia to put to rest Season 7 of the hit CW show. But, more on that shindig later (big hint: stay posted right here for an inside look at the biggest party this side of Mystic Falls, coming soon). Right now, let’s focus on the maniacal madness of Manic Monday with the telling of the Friendly Ghost of Elm Street.

There is a quiet, sedate thoroughfare very close to Covington’s famous square. Elm Street is so unassuming that most people pass by it with very little thought. The buildings aren’t particularly impressive or historic, but look again. Or, rather, smell again.  You might detect an odor that is anything but unassuming. An overpowering, flowery scent hangs above Elm Street, alerting you to the presence of a ghost. Don’t panic! The specter is more Casper than cold-blooded. Her story comes from the owners of the Church Street Antique Market, who tell the tale of the unknown apparition. They say they’ve seen flashes of a young girl hovering through their store. As quickly as she flits through the antiques with grace and ease, she would suddenly vanish, leaving behind her distinctive perfume. No one could find any trace of the young lady, not even a whisper. Nothing, but the smell of flowers. The owners even say that visitors to the Church Street Market would ask what scent they used in their store, because it was so distinctive and unique. Eau de phantom, perhaps?

The young girl hasn’t let death dampen her spirits, either. When she isn’t floating past the antiques, she’s hitching a ride to your house! One recent visitor to the Church Street Market told us that, as he was leaving the store, he saw a strange flash of light. The man ignored it and began the drive home. Suddenly, he noticed his car reeked of flowers. The perfume was so overpowering that he had to roll down his windows, just to breathe. Then, glancing into his rearview mirror, he saw the outline of a young girl calmly sitting amongst his newly-purchased curio cabinets. She was completely in shadow, as if a light was shining brightly behind her, dimming all of her distinctive features. The visitor’s car screeched to a halt as, slamming on the brakes, the man turned to look into his back seat. He found…no one. Nothing but his curio cabinets. And, the overpowering flower smell was gone. Vanished, just like our girl ghost.

friendly ghostUnfortunately, after ten years, the Church Street Antique Market was closed in March of 2015. No one is sure if the friendly female stayed around Elm St. after the Market’s final sales, but you may get your chance to meet the ghoulish girl, after all. 

Luckily, this storefront is reopening soon to welcome the new Irish Bred Pub to our Covington Square. We can't wait to try the traditional Irish delicacies in this awesome location, especially on the new second-floor balcony!

If you think that wonderful scent in the air is spring flowers in bloom, think again. You may be in the presence of a girly ghost who’s lost her way. Be warned and be careful. She might just follow you home.

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