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Manic Monday: The Lonely Alcovy Trestle Bridge

alcovy trestleIt’s just another Manic Monday and that means another spectacularly spooky tale of local haunts. Today’s tale is of a tragic trestle bridge that lies over a lonely country road. The Alcovy Trestle Bridge is a gorgeously forlorn bridge that’s mostly used as backdrops on some of television’s most popular shows. But, the bridge seems to have a dark past.

In the 1940s, the Alcovy Trestle Bridge was rumored to be the site of several lynchings. The cowards would reportedly cut the bodies loose, dropping them several feet into the waters below. But the sorriest story of Trestle retribution could be the story of an interracial love affair. The woman became pregnant with the prominent white man’s child. She was brought to the Alcovy Trestle where she was violently beaten and then hanged from the bridge. Several people have seen “glowing” figures walking along the trestle and the figure of a young black woman holding her swollen belly, walking up the embankment from the Alcovy River toward the road.

alcovy trestleStill others report seeing the apparition of a young boy riding his bike across the bridge. The ghost appears to be that of a local boy who was found in a clearing off a narrow dirt path that ran from Alcovy Trestle Road to the woods and river. Rumor has it the boy can be seen pedaling, standing up as if to go faster, looking straight ahead into infinity.

The Alcovy Bridge, lonely and ivy covered, is now home to some of Covington’s most tragic ghosts. Why not stop by and see if you catch a glimpse of the glowing figures up on the trestle? We’re sure they could use the company. 

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