#ManicMonday: Solve the Mystery Haunting of The Edwards House

the edwards houseThis Manic Monday brings us a bit of a mystery. We’ve shared the Edwards House with you before. Located on Monticello Street, the unassuming Colonial home has stood for Covington’s past and is also a reminder of the importance of history. The home has been the residence of some very important members of Covington’s society, like Judge John Harris, a plantation owner, and businessman. The Judge designed and built many of Covington’s landmark homes, including the magnificent Twelve Oaks Plantation. Harris built and sold the Edwards House to a Dr. Jeptha Cody, who raised his family in the home during the Civil War.

Now, here’s where things get spooky. During the Cody family's residence, the Edwards House saw the creation of the Methodist Church, which still stands today. When the Great War began, in 1861, the church became a place of consolation and hope for its parishioners. Reports can even be found of Dr. Cody opening his home to the mourners and congregates who prayed for the reunion of their country. As the war progressed, the Methodist church was used as a makeshift hospital for wounded soldiers. The brave men fought in Atlanta and found comfort from the battlefield in Covington. Unfortunately, many men lost their battles and succumbed to their wounds.

Perhaps it is the close proximity to the Methodist church, perhaps it was Dr. Cody’s kind nature, whatever the reason, the Edwards Home has reported some strange disturbances even after the War ended in 1865. Ghostly footsteps run up the grand staircase, lights flicker, whispers can be heard on the street late at night. 

the edwards houseBut, we can’t find any documented stories or evidence as to who these spirited spooks may be. Could it be a soldier who can’t find his way home? Or, a fervent church goer, looking to spend a Sunday afternoon with the kind Cody family? While there have been some reports of the Methodist Church experiencing some ghostly visitors, the Edwards House is keeping mute on the subject.

While we can’t find any evidence, perhaps our readers can. Heard any otherworldly tales regarding our mysterious Manor? Share your experiences with us! Let’s solve this mystery together and put to rest any lingering spirits that may reside at the Edwards House. 

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