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March in Mystic Falls!

Read the new Mystic Falls blogCovington GA loves The Vampire Diaries and Mystic Falls! Vampire Stalkers, the original Mystic Falls tour in Covington, is gearing up for a busy spring. Read more from their blog –

March is always such a busy time for us here at Vampire Stalkers that we decided it would be the perfect time to showcase some of the coolest Props from The Vampire Diaries as Photo Ops for all the fans. Our friends at “All about Props” came down to the store and set up the Winged Angel from #TVD and the cool column with the candle holder that were used in many past episodes. Shane Garner does props like this for #TVD, #TheOriginals and #AmericanHorrorStory.

The set props will be in our store for the entire month of March and you are welcome to come by during store hours and take photos anytime.

Later this month we plan to start a new blog. The new blog articles will include interviews with some of the crew from both shows. We plan to showcase there talents and post what each one does and how hard they work to bring the show to you. First up our wonderful “Water Safety” Crew. Daniel will be talking about all the things his job includes and he will talk about some of the cooler things he oversees like when Matt’s truck went off the Wickery bridge and Stefan saved Matt and Elena. Stay Tuned!

Spring Break time is always so much fun here in Mystic Falls as we gear up for the Season Finale of TVD to film sometime around the end of April. March and April always tend to see more location shooting here in Covington because the weather is nice. Remember if you want to book a tour to make sure you book it soon because we sell out often this time of year. Filming is always luck of the draw the day of your tour but weekdays have the most luck.

Lots of new shirts and other cool items were added to the store this week for all your Spring needs! We have cool new Mystic Falls shirts with our courthouse on them. Mystic Falls Hospital shirts are re-stocked by popular demand. We have an all new “Sired to Damon” design for 2015. All other shirts are restocked too! Some of the other NEW items include #TVD and #TheOriginals themed Umbrellas, bookbags, autograph books and iPhone 6 cases. Check out our online store if you cant make it down anytime soon.

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