Newton County, Georgia’s Homegrown Trilogy at Gaither’s Plantation

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.45.01 AMGaither’s Plantation is a piece of Newton County, Georgia history. The main house was built and lived in from 1850 until 1950. That is 100 years of diverse history the home has built. Not only was the home used to hide confederate soldiers during the Civil War, but it also has a fun bee hiving history! There is so much rich history on the plantation that it is hard to sum it all up in one blog.

This rich history has also led to ghost stories on the plantation. It is said that the plantation is haunted by one of its previous owners, Cecilia Gaither. Her ghost loves to move the furniture and make a ruckus around the house. Some of the people who film there have even had to ask her to stop making a noise!

That’s another diverse part of Gaither’s Plantation, it is also used for filming. When Medea’s Family Reunion filmed there, they had an encounter with Cecilia! It is reported that during one scene they kept being interrupted by strange noises coming from upstairs! Filming crew kept going upstairs to check out the situation, but they couldn’t find anything! The noise kept happening until finally someone shouted, “Will the ghost please cooperate this time.” The ghost cooperated and the noise stopped!

The Vampire Diaries has also filmed at Gaither’s Plantation; however, they didn’t have problems with the ghost. Perhaps this is because they were filming a darker scene. Some scenes of Stephen being a ripper were filmed at Gaither’s Plantation. These darker scenes may have scared off the ghost!

The Vampire Diaries also used Gaither’s Plantation to film the flashback scenes of the Salvatore’s and some present day scenes. We didn’t hear of any ghost interruptions during these scenes, but maybe they were watching!

Gaither’s Plantation is Newton County, Georgia’s homegrown trilogy: it has history, hauntings, and Hollywood. The plantation has a rich history. The rich history grew a ghost story. Hollywood has filmed here and witnessed the haunting and history of the plantation. With all that Gaither’s Plantation has already brought, we can’t wait to see what it does in the next years!

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