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OMG The Vampire Diaries Originals!

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls Tours Vampire Diaries ToursGuest Blog Post By Jessica Lowery, Chief Vampire Stalker of Mystic Falls Tours

First off can I say that this episode which starred as a back door pilot of the new CW show “The Originals” was nothing short of PHENOMENAL! Dare I say that I was a tad bit more entertained then I have been recently while watch our beloved The Vampire Diaries???  OK, I won’t say it out loud, but I may very well be thinking it…

Lets get down to business. Joseph Morgan is doing such an awesome job playing Klaus that I can’t even stand it. I loved seeing our beautiful sister city Conyers, GA once again on my TV screen as New Orleans and I loved seeing someone actually have a tiny little leg up on Klaus. Marcel may actually keep me wondering when it comes time to watch this new show and see our Original family play in the Big Easy.

Marcel and all the new characters that come with him do seem to know how to have fun. That makes for good story right there. I don’t know about y’all, The Vampire Diaries may be my first love but it has gotten a little dreary with all the doom and gloom every week. So seeing pretty Vampires hanging from the balconies just having a great time with loud music kind of got me thinking….it’s been a while.  Can you say Witches and Spells, oh my! I am in love with the fact we are starting this show off with so many witches instead of just the one. (Don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some Bonnie, but a girl needs some help from time to time.) I can’t wait to see what the witches can do when they put their minds to it! I think it would be pretty cool to see those witches rise up and show all these Vampires who’s boss. Don’t you?

Lets talk Original B-A-B-Y! OMG yet again! I love Pheobe Tonkin and I am so happy that they picked her for this story line. Who would have thought when Klaus and Hayley were doing the hanky panky that it would lead to a baby? Certainly not me…Now the question of the day is will this Original baby make Klaus show some love to someone in the future? Maybe? I do know one thing the casting department is gonna have a hard time finding a baby beautiful enough to play the baby of this immortal hottie! I am loving even more that if Rebecca thinks it through this is her saving grace. Rebecca may never be human again but with a baby in the family does that even matter anymore? The cool factor of this episode goes to Elijah. Who would have thought he would be the first in the family to take on the baby factor and accept it even before Rebecca? Its super exciting to know we are gonna see more and more of Daniel Gillies in his role as Elijah.  I just wonder how long before he comes out of that power suit and puts on a pair of jeans.

Congrats to Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies and Pheobe Tonkin. The Originals is gonna be awesome and every single one of you deserve to get this show…in case some of you guys that are reading this didn’t know…this pilot hit gold and was announced for pick up the very next morning! I don’t know about y’all but I think this is the first show pilot I have ever watched and had it announced for pick up for an entire season so fast! Just goes to show you we are gonna be entertained next season but LOTS of hot Vampires, Hybrids, Witches and Humans! (If they all make it through the rest of this season…cause as we near the end we all know somebody else has gotta die on The Vampire Diaries) sad but true.

Let me express my condolences and say, I think the only thing missing in this episode was KOL aka Nat. I really, really hope the powers that be find a way to bring back my buddy Nat. We love him and we loveeeee when he puts on his Original scowl and plays the role that is so very him. It would also be kind of nice if we saw a little bit of daddy-Original. I’ve been saying it for years, they killed him off what to soon. Love me some Sebastian aka Mikael. Hopefully the Originals will do flashbacks since The Vampire Diaries has always been so great at  them.

For all you guys wanting some inside scoop on filming of the “The Originals” Let me say this…nothing is set in stone yet. What I do know is that there will be filming in Georgia, I am assuming they will visit Mystic Falls from time to time. Rebecca’s house is here and like I said earlier in the blog Conyers is New Orleans so far…If things play out the way we think it is then Vampire Stalkers will try to have an Original tour up and running by mid season of the season 1. Don’t forget we gotta give them time to film something before we can visit…I promise we will make sure you get your Original set tour from us…as soon as possible!

As for Damon, Stefan and Elena. I know we didn’t see them much this week…I feel sure that they will make up for it in next weeks episode. What little we did see though made me happy…something about a thirsty Elena actually makes me think  maybe she doesn’t have these boys wrapped around her little finger quite as tight as I thought she did. I can’t wait to see them deny her next week and torture her. Its about time she got some humanity back…and made a choice. Wonder if we will know by season end if its gonna be Damon/Elena or Stefan/Elena? “Team Delena” here loud and proud… I have also enjoyed seeing Katherine back this season and I wonder if Katherine will make some appearances on this new show. I sure hope so, what do you guys think?

Thanks again for reading my recap and make sure you book a tour sooner rather then later. Spring weather is awesome here in Georgia and summer time we do sell out very quickly. Make sure you book with us as soon as you know your dates for vacation. I would hate for anyone to plan a trip and plan to drive through on your way to another state and us be sold out…so make sure you plan it and book it soon! If for some reason the date you need is not open then shoot me and email. I can’t always add dates but I will try.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @vampirestalkers and you can find us on Facebook at Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls tours

Homework of the day: Comment on the blog and let me know if you are Team Delena or Stefan. Make sure you tell me your thoughts on the Original episode and what you are most excited/disappointed about in the episode.

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