Places to Hang Your Hammock in Newton County

hammockSummer isn’t over yet, folks! One of our favorite summer time activities is searching for that perfect spot to hang your hammock. Hammocks epitomize that laid-back vibe of pure relaxation and have since the beginning. Did you know that hammock were created by Natives of Central and South America for sleeping? These were created from colorful yarn and cloth. Later, the hammocks were modified and made from canvas to withstand heavy water use. The hammocks were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space. 

Eventually, hammocks made it home, in the 1920’s. Parents would contain babies just learning to crawl into soft fabric versions of the old sailor’s canvas hammock. Today, they are popular around the world for relaxation, whether you’re camping or just hanging out in the backyard. To celebrate our favorite hammock and to keep summer around as long as we can, we took it upon ourselves to scout out some local spots to hang in your hammock! Whether you’re craving scenery or need a little rest and relaxation away from home, check out these Covington spots to “hang around” in.

places to hang your hammockTurner Lake

Located conveniently off Interstate 20, the Turner Lake Complex is a sprawling 158 acres of pristine Newton County land. The woodsy areas provide shade and places to tie a hammock to. And, if you need some waterfront relaxation, you can find a bank-side set at Turner Lake. The lake is almost 26 acres, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect spot. And, when you’re done hanging around, hop off your hammock and enjoy the 4 softball fields, walking trails, batting cages, and playgrounds all located inside the complex. Turner Lake is the best location for your hammock especially if you’ll have little ones in tow. There is enough to keep the young ones busy, while the old ones hang around!

Lake Varner

Lake Varner is a formation created through the partnership of the Newton County Water Resources and the Cornish Creek Reservoir boards. Basically, it’s a huge lake. But, this is your spot if you need to truly get away. Take your hammock and string it up next to the perfect, clear waters of the lake and enjoy the peace and quiet. The area around the lake is pretty secluded, so you’ll have no worry of intruders. Enjoy your time next to the shore and be sure to bring your fishing pole too! Have you ever tried to fish from a hammock? It’s not easy but it sure is fun!

places to hang your hammock
Square Park

If you don’t have time to travel to the lakes, but still need to swing from a hammock, have no fear. You can easily get your hang time, by visiting the gorgeous Covington Square. Right in the center of our historic Square lies a lovely park. While you may need to get creative, there are many large trees & great places that would be perfect for your hammock. Plus, being so close to town, you can hammock your lunch break away or swing in and relax after dinner at one of the Square’s delicious restaurants. 

hammockCity Park on Floyd Street

While the Square Park is very convenient for a quick hammock session, it’s not the most private of places. So, what is a busy person to do? Take a quick stroll down Floyd! If you follow Floyd Street, past the Square, there lies a little park right across from the boutique, Rustic Flair on Floyd. The park has wonderful trees and plants that provide shade and privacy, a pergola for rainy afternoons, and a quiet location to string up your hammock! This spot is perfect for an afternoon hideaway, just be sure to bring a book to read. Or if you're looking to enjoy some live music, string up your hammock on Tuesday nights to enjoy Rustic Flair's “Twisted Tuesday Acoustics” with your family & friends!

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