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Porterdale Mill: The Perfect Wedding Venue In Georgia

Having a wedding at Porterdale is one of the most romantic things to do in GeorgiaThe Mill at Porterdale Mill Lofts is now the perfect wedding venue in Georgia!  The historic Mill overlooks the beautiful Yellow River and a lovely garden.  The Mill has been a vital aspect of Porterdale since opening in 1899. In the 1960’s, The Mill was the world’s largest producer of twine. In the year 2006 the Mill was renovated into the Porterdale Mill Lofts. Now equipped with live and work spaces, the Porterdale Mill conveys a modern atmosphere with a hint of history, making it the best place to stay in Georgia for a wedding.   It includes a 1,500 square foot loft for the bride, complete with two bedrooms, living room, full kitchen, two baths and a patio that looks over the Yellow River.  Only forty minutes from Atlanta, not far from Covington, the Lofts gives a feeling of both laid back country and the hustle bustle of the city.

The amazing craftsmanship of the Mill is sure to impress.  The support beams are made of heartwood from mature southern yellow pines.  The amazing patio and gorgeous garden makes the Porterdale Mill one of the most scenic wedding locales. The Mill also provides a facility director that will help ensure your wedding goes smoothly. The vibrant atmosphere coupled with the scenic views of the Yellow River and the huge garden make the Portedale Mill Lofts the ideal location for any wedding.  The mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and provides all the luxuriousness a bride could ever need, making it the best place to go in Georgia for your special day.

A unique and creative alternative to the typical wedding venue locations, a wedding at the Porterdale Mill will always be remembered and give your guests plenty of things to do in Georgia.

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