Prom Traditions in Newton County

Prom season is a special time in spring for teenagers to celebrate with their dates and school friends. It’s a time you want to be perfect, and that perfection comes down to planning. Everyone looks their finest. The guys and girls look classy in their tuxedos and dresses. Every detail is taken care of from the hair, nails, and makeup to the shoes and bling! With all the glamour of prom, you must plan for photo opportunities, so you will have memories for years to come.

To make this once in a lifetime event the best it can be, you’ll want to capture the moment in the best settings. While there will be plenty of photo opportunities at the prom, plan to go to other places to take both formal and not-so-formal pictures. Get creative. An interesting setting can make your prom photos stand out.

For creativity, think about landscapes, staircases, gardens, and even the back of an antique car. Since prom season comes in spring, take advantage of the warm weather and blooms. This time of year brings out the best in places you love!

Whether you attend Newton High School, Eastside High School, Alcovy High School or a school outside of our area, here are some of the best places in Newton County to take your prom photos.

Porterdale Memorial Gym

The old brick structure of the Porterdale Memorial Gym offers a beautiful setting for prom photos. When the gym burned down it left the four walls open to the elements. The renovations incorporated the beauty of the open roof to create a courtyard area. Whether you like the brick, beams, or wrought iron entrance, the historic gym has many features for being creative in your pictures. It’s uniqueness and sense of historic wonder puts this location at the top of our list of favorite places for photo opportunities.

Downtown Covington Square

A popular destination for prom-goers is Downtown Covington Square. At the Square, you’ll find some familiar places to add nostalgia to your photos – Scoops, City Pharmacy, Mystic Grill and the Historic Courthouse, to name a few.  The Square has its own character for your photos with the beautiful trees and monuments. Let your creativity go wild by choosing different settings on your camera and finding unique things to add to your photos for interest. For example, take photos on the white steps along with the bank building or while sitting on a bench in the Square Park. You can also include features like iron railings and the clock tower.

Chimney Park

Situated behind the Newton County Main Library along the Eastside Trail, Chimney Park is a playful, natural setting to let your imagination run wild. Since prom season is in spring, it’s the perfect time to be in this playful setting. The creative environment and the remnants of a home – the granite foundation, steps, and chimney – form an eclectic mix for interesting photo opportunities with your date and friends. Once there, you’ll understand the allure for perfect pictures!

Lake Varner Park

Nature provides wonderful photo opportunities and Lake Varner Park is a great place to mix in your prom adventures with the outdoors. This is the location of the Cornish Creek Reservoir, which is beautiful in spring. Show off your glamorous prom outfits with the addition of blossoms and the lake in your photos!

Now that you know where to go, make your photo opportunities even better when you try different poses, play around with the angle and the light, fall back and zoom in. No matter where you choose to go for prom photos, use this time to have fun with your date and friends while visiting the many special places we have in Newton County.

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