Covington is a warm, friendly Georgia walk-able community with culturally diverse roots that date back to the early 1800s. Southern heritage and hospitality, coupled with long-standing forward thinking local government leadership and community planning makes Covington, Georgia the ideal place to live, work or visit. Being the county seat and the largest of the 5 cities in Newton County, a majority of retail is within the city limits. Residents of Covington, Georgia enjoy quiet residential areas with a mix of housing types, local parades, frequent concerts in the park and community wide special events that attract an international audience. Dubbed “Hollywood of the South”, Covington or at least parts of it have been viewed through the mediums of television and feature films across the country and around the world. If you enjoy Georgia walk-able communities and modern amenities, Covington is your place to call home.
In 1839, the town of Oxford was officially chartered. A total of 125 lots were made available to citizens on a 999-year lease. The only stipulation was that no intoxicating liquors were to be sold or brought onto these lots. The Georgia Methodist Conference founded Emory College in Oxford in 1836. The school eventually became known as Emory University after moving to a much larger campus in Atlanta. The original site of Emory College is still functioning today as Oxford College of Emory University. In 1972, the town of Oxford was designated a shrine of the United Methodist Church and is the first town in the country to be so named.
Historic Newborn is best known for its wide, open spaces perfect for pasturing horses, raising children and starting that urban farm you always dreamed of. There is a great little park where they play Bluegrass on the weekends giving you a chance to unwind after a busy week and hang out with friends and neighbors. Newborn is home to the Burge Organic Farm and much of the town is listed on the National Historic Register. During the Civil War, Newborn was visited by Sherman on his march to the sea, traveling the route that would become Highway 142 on November 19, 1864, after the fall of Atlanta.
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The town of Porterdale can trace its beginnings back to 1830 when it was little more than a large Georgia cotton patch. Because of the abundance of cedar trees on the banks of the Yellow River where the settlement began, the area was originally known as Cedar Shoals. It had a total of seven houses, a gristmill, a blacksmith shop, a foundry and a small country store. Georgia cotton became the major agricultural crop. The area’s first textile mill prospered under the ownership of Oliver Porter and the town grew, finally becoming chartered in 1890 as Porterdale. Porterdale residents, government officials and Newton County have embraced a major movement to refurbish the historical Georgian structures as businesses and residential areas. One such project has come to fruition with the opening of the Porterdale Mill Lofts.
Mansfield is known as Newton County’s “Front Porch”. A quaint, rural Georgian town where neighbors know each other by name and a real sense of community exists. If you are looking for a place where you can put your feet up and visit or sit in a cozy front porch swing while watching the kids play in the yard, then Mansfield is the perfect choice. With a vision to remain a rural community with an increased tree canopy, while preserving and rehabilitating its central business district and residential development patterns that define the community, its easy to see why busy corporate executives feel that the calming effect of Mansfield is a little slice of heaven.
Social Circle is a destination like no other. No matter where you step into our community, from our thriving industrial area to our top notch schools or vibrant business district you get a sense of stepping into years past filled with an atmosphere of inviting charm and southern elegance. Our colorful history spans three centuries; from the crossroads of Indian trading routes, Sherman’s route to the sea and the cotton boom to a modern city that honors its heritage. We offer many restaurants, retail locations and more. Come spend a day exploring what Social Circle has to offer.
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