Take a 90 Mile Adventure! Staycation or Vacation

Imagine being able to drive on a 93-mile adventure of 10 must-see sites. If you enjoy all things undead, this tour is for you. From vampires to zombies, this experience will give you the chance to see the scene locations from some of your favorite movies and shows!

Stop 1-Mystic Falls Tours- Mystic Falls Tours
Step foot into Mystic Falls, Virginia
as Mystic Falls Tours
brings The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”
to life. Founded in Covington
in 2010 and since expanded to Conyers,
Mystic Falls Tours has provided fans
with award winning guided tours to
the series major filming locations as well as
behind the scenes stories.

Stop 2: The Woodbury Shoppe
The official “Walking Dead” store featuring
thousands of AMC licensed products
including the most complete assortment of
“The Walking Dead” t-shirts and all things
“The Walking Dead”. Don’t miss the museum
downstairs featuring actual props from the

Stop 3: On Location
From Vampire Stalker t-shirts to Damon
Salvatore cut outs to vials of vervain,
fans of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The
Originals” will be delighted by the wide
selection of show inventory from both
TV series fandoms. Don’t miss the signed
autograph wall including cast and crew
signatures from both series!

Stop 4: Waking Dead Cafe
The Waking Dead Cafe is the perfect
location to jumpstart your morning
with a cup of Starbucks coffee certain
to “Wake the Dead” in you! After all,
proper fans need to be alert to watch
for zombies. Check out their exclusive
licensed “The Walking Dead” products!

Stop 5: Atlanta Movie Tours
From the hospital where it all began to
Terminus, Atlanta Movie Tours’ Big Zombie
1 tour takes you through urban Atlanta to
rediscover where your favorite characters
from “The Walking Dead” came to life… or
back to life. Learn firsthand about what
it takes to be a walker on the show from
an Insider who has performed on the set.
Additional Big Zombie tours covering all
seasons and visiting Senoia, Haralson,
Hampton, Griffin and more are available!

Stop 6: Mystic Grill
Known for its delicious dishes, the Mystic
Grill serves as a façade for “The Vampire
Diaries” filming in the charming atmosphere
of downtown Covington. While you may
not get to lock eyes or drink bourbon with
Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries’ fans
may enjoy an extensive drinks menu at an
exact replica of the TV series’ bar. Be sure
not to miss out of the rooftop seating which
overlooks the town square where filming
often occurs!

Stop 7: The Celtic Tavern
The Celtic Tavern, located in the heart
of Olde Town Conyers, serves as the
home of Gillespie’s Pub featured on The
CW’s “The Originals”. Reminisce over the
numerous scenes that have been filmed
at the Irish Pub establishment while
grabbing a quick “bite” or enjoying some
nightly entertainment with a full bar

Stop 8: Woodbury Zombie
Visit the REAL Woodbury where
fans can hunt down zombie body
parts and weapons on the loose in
the Zombie Geoquest!

Stop 9: Nic and Norman’s
Enjoy a menu of gourmet burgers,
steaks and seafood at Greg Nicotero
and Norman Reedus’ new restaurant,
Nic and Norman’s, in Senoia. Check
out the 1930’s speak-easy atmosphere
as well as the original artwork inside
from both Norman and Greg! Walker
fans may look forward to spotting
both Greg and Norman from time
to time behind the bar while in town
shooting for “The Walking Dead”.

Stop 10: Georgia Tour Company
Home to the area’s top-rated walking
tours and adventure tour of the region
– The Touring Dead, Senoia on the
Big Screen and The Touring Dead II –
Survive the Ride. Georgia Tour Company
features sites from “The Walking Dead”,
“Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Pet Sematary
Two”, “Drop Dead Diva” and more! “The
Walking Dead” fans can join The Touring
Dead tours to walk from Woodbury to
Alexandria and experience a full-day
live-action adventure with heroes
and villains from Senoia to the “Real
Woodbury,” visiting exclusive filming
locations featuring cosplayers in action.

A 93-mile journey through urban landscapes and trendy downtowns, Georgia's Undead Trail invites Walker and Vampire Stalker fans to immerse themselves in their favorite TV series depicting zombies and vampires. Through a variety of film locations, attractions and restaurants, fans can get up close and personal to the filming locations that transformed Georgia towns into the facades for the communities of Alexandria, Mystic Falls and New Orleans. No survival gear needed! https://www.exploregeorgia.org

Data Source: https://www.exploregeorgia.org/sites/default/files/listing_documents/FINAL20UnDead20Trail20Broch2085x1420150dpi20revised.pdf

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