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The Floyd House-Historic Home Series

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The last of the historic homes series is the gorgeous Floyd house. The Floyd house has been around since the mid 1830's. Around the time of the pre-Civil War era, John Julius Floyd bought the property in 1833 from John J. Beatie of Greene County.This historic home is one not to miss on the famous Floyd Street! John Floyd moved to Covington from Madison and was a newly married man looking to build his new home.
John Floyd, an established lawyer, soon became the prominent lawyer of Newton county. In the years 1835 and 1836, Floyd represented the State Senate for Newton County. Finally Mr. Floyd became a judge for the Flint judicial court in 1845 and maintained that role.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd were well known in the Covington society. They had lavish parties and fancy dinners at their home. The Floyd home can not be missed on Floyd street due to its' beautiful Greek Revival structure. The large columns add that regal appeal to the home.
During the Civil War, John Floyd worked to help the confederate soldiers and their families they left behind in Covington.  The Floyd family had to evacuate Covington when they heard the Yankees were coming; however, the lovely Floyd home was untouched. As the years passed, Floyd was loved and admired by all in Covington. So admired that the Floyd Street was named after him. He passed away in 1883.
For years, this historic home has been occupied by several people, but currently the owners are the Thompson's. Mrs. Thompson was a former public school teacher for the Covington public school system. She maintained the home beautifully and has remained the owner to this day. The Floyd House has dominated Floyd Street for years and still does today. The home signifies grace and a classic touch of an Antebellum home.

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