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The Gaither Plantation- Haunting

haunting.jpegMany people grow up on old southern ghost stories in Covington, Georgia. One of the more chilling ghost stories is that of Gaither Plantation. The plantation has been around for more than 150 years. It has seen murder, slave labor, and Confederate soldiers who had to hide to save their lives. With these stories you can only imagine the ghosts who like to stay around the Gaither Plantation.

Judy Gaither Dial, the great-great-great granddaughter of W.H. and Cecilia Gaither, has encountered the ghosts before. Once when she was sitting on the plantations front porch swing, she felt someone sit beside her. However, she didn’t see anyone next to her. Then they started swinging the swing! Dial is too short to touch the ground from the swing so she wouldn’t have been able to push off alone.

This isn’t the only incident she’s noticed. She will also notice things out of place around the house, like a bowl whose position is always changing. She has also witnessed strange noises. She reports hearing footsteps above her when no one else is around.

These frequent occurrences prompted the Friends of Gaither Committee to hire the Georgia Paranormal Research team from Dublin. The team uses research to determine the likelihood of paranormal activity

The researchers were able to confirm Dial’s stories. They put a piece of paper under the moving bowl and left. When they came back to the bowl the paper was crumpled up to the side and the bowl was turned! They also outlined all the furniture with chalk. When they returned to those rooms the furniture had been moved outside of the outlines!

They did many other tests, but all these concluded that they believed ghosts resided in Gaither Plantation. An important test they did was communicating with the ghosts. In recording playbacks you can hear the ghosts knock to communicate with the researchers. One ghost confirmed she is Cecilia Gaither, and the other confirmed himself as a confederate solider!

Many ask why the ghosts stay at the Gaither Plantation. Some say Cecilia Gaither has stuck around because she isn’t buried with her husband. Her husband W.H. is buried on Gaither property while she is buried in town. Some also guess that the confederate ghost stays around because of the civil war re-enactments on the site.

No matter the reason the ghosts stay, they add some spice to Gaither Plantation. For the ghost hunters out there, you will have to check out this house. Not only does it offer a haunting, but it also offers a plethora of old southern history.

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