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The Lee-Roger House: Historic Homes series


Earlier on this week, we began the historic homes series showcasing the majestic Worthington Manor. We will continue this exciting inside look into Covington's most beautiful historic homes. What makes Covington so special is that this town has such magnificent mansions that have been kept up greatly. The next home we will be showcasing is the Lee-Roger house located on the northwest corner of Monticello and Pennington streets.

The home was built in 1899 by Eugene Orson Lee from a Mr. Shepherd. Since the property was between two streets, it had to be separated when it was purchased by E.O. Lee. He began construction immediately for his dream home. The mansion has a late-Victorian era architecture with a disconnected veranda. The Lee-Roger house became a popular home for social affairs during that time period.
Eugene owned and operated a general store on the west side of the Square of Covington. He was a very successful businessman, who also later became the mayor. After Mr. Lee passed away, the new permanent occupants of the Lee home were the Rogers. They made some structural changes to the house and transformed it into a an elegant home by placing two white columns in the front. The Roger family occupied the home until 1977, after their youngest descendent passed away.
The Lee-Rogers home remains to this day as an iconic beauty. The architecture is something everyone needs to view, since it is apart of our historic homes series. The current owners of this gorgeous mansion are Arvin Francis Spell and his partner Terry E. Thompson.

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