The Top Five TVD Moments Foreshadowing “Steroline”

The Vampire Diaries has become a widely popular fantasy/drama series since its start in 2009. In the earlier seasons we rooted for Stefan and Elena but then they broke all of our hearts when their relationship ended. In the episode, Today Will Be Different of the final season, many of the fans were completely surprised of the engagement of Stefan and Caroline. However, did you know that TVD writers were foreshadowing this union from the very beginning of the series?

Let us take you through some of key foreshadowing moments of Stefan and Caroline’s relationship (referred to as “Steroline by fans). There are five particular moments in the seasons prior to season eight that suggest that they would end up together.

In the pilot, Caroline introduces herself to Stefan and invites him to a party the next night in hopes they will get together. She famously quotes; “We’re planning a June wedding” which definitely is foreshadowing Stefan’s proposal in season eight. Even though Stefan rejects Caroline at the party, we all know that it is a teaser for what lies in the future for “Steroline.”

The two go from acquaintances in season one to friends in season two when Caroline becomes a vampire. Stefan helps her through the process, protects her, and trains her to control her violent tendencies. Some fans suggest that this is foreshadowing because Stefan becomes extremely protective and loving towards Caroline in season two. They soon begin to lean on each other.

The third time that writers foreshadow the relationship between Caroline and Stefan happens in season four. This is when it gets real! In Kiss Me, Stefan and Caroline realize that Elena is sired to Damon but as they make this discovery, the song Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran begins to play. Ed Sheeran explained that the song is about two best friends who fall in love, which can relate to Stefan and Caroline. This is foreshadowing how their friendship will later develop into a romantic relationship. 

The fourth moment can also be seen in season four when Lexi returns to Mystic Falls. Lexi teases Stefan about how he replaced her with another blonde (Caroline). He denies a romantic relationship with Caroline to Lexi, yet we all know he had feelings for her. Lexi tells Stefan that there can be multiple true loves in life-especially for a vampire. Writers were foreshadowing that Stefan’s next epic love would be the greatest. Since Lexi pointed out that Caroline was cute, that suggests that she will be his next love.

The final moment is what all fans of “Steroline” were waiting for. The foreshadowing of the previous seasons begins to unfold in episode seven of season six. This is when Caroline finally reveals her true feelings for Stefan. Stefan acts like he is blindsided by this and pushes her away. Things seemed bleak for them until Stay aired where Stefan comforts Caroline while her mother is dying. He stays with her in the Forbes cabin and the two eventually share their first kiss. After the “kiss,” Stefan brushes Caroline off and denies his feelings for her. At her mother's funeral, Stefan doesn't want to get involved with Caroline still. However, once she sings during the service he realizes his true feelings for Caroline. Thus began the epic love story of “Steroline.” As the season continues, we see their relationship begin to flourish and in the final episode of season six, Stefan tells Caroline he loves her.

The love story of Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes is one of the most unexpected, yet beautiful love stories featured in The Vampire Diaries. If you enjoyed reading this blog, look back at our other Vampire Diaries themed blogs!