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The Vampire Diaries Episode 4:22 Review: The Walking Dead

Tourist Attractions in Georgia and Things to do in Covington : the Vampire Diaries TourGuest Blog Post By Jessica Lowery, Head Vampire Stalker, Mystic Falls Tours

Once again it looks like The Vampire Diaries (TVD) needed to call upon those we have lost in seasons past in order to gear up for the season finale. That’s OK, I love most of who we get to see…and it sure is nice to see them  again. Quick Question: Why do we NEVER get to see Mayor Lockwood? Poor Rob Pralgo, I sure do miss him.  Back to the this weeks recap, As we have watched Bonnie come more and more into her own as a witch we watched her need help once again from the dead witches from before her. Bonnie hooks herself to Katherine with a spell, which in my eyes is a total joke…but whatever.  As we watch Bonnie call on  Qetsiyah we wonder at what cost? Cool Fact of the day: We watched this episode film, we saw the wind and we saw the fake newspapers, we even knew the dead would return…that’s the cool part of living in Mystic Falls (AKA Covington, Ga- the Hollywood of the South). I always feel so much relief when an episode airs and the secrets we have been keeping are finally out in the open! Finally its time to talk about them…

This episode we see Elena want to kill Katherine as she tries to feel only the anger for her instead of just feeling the loss of her brother. After watching her stake Damon, almost kill Bonnie, and tell Stefan just what she thinks of him too we FINALLY see her visit Jeremy’s grave (which I am so glad to finally know exists) and break down. Elena finally sees what her life will be without Jeremy and starts to feel that awful pain when guess who shows up wanting his own revenge? KOL. In that moment I really think Elena did want Kol to kill her…she’s fed up and ready to say goodbye.

Then it happens the moment that so many of us have wished for and will wish for in our lifetime. That chance to say a proper and real goodbye to someone we have lost. I loved seeing Jeremy standing there with his crossbow. Elena gets a time with her brother, time she so badly needed and although they think that time is running out…Bonnie is trying her best to save Jeremy for good. How many of you were hoping we would get our beloved Steven McQueen back? As Bonnie tries to hard to save Jeremy though…we see it may be at a cost. When Bonnie fell to the ground during the spell and Grams told her she was sorry I just wanted to die.  I love Bonnie’s character. We all know I consider Kat to be a great friend…and if we lost her for good I might just have to boycott The Vampire Diaries…I mean how on earth would this group of supernaturals survive without their witch? So I am pulling for Bonnie…who thinks she will make it?

Weirdest moment of the night? Why after so long was it so easy for Bonnie to just turn Silas into stone…that was the one thing in this episode I just didn’t buy. Either Bonnie’s stung enough or she’s not…and this just didn’t sit right with me. Does that mean we will see Silas later? I think so…I think we probably have to. I could be wrong though, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Best Moment of the night? The reuniting of the Alaric-Damon bro-mance. It was so awesome to see these guys work together again and when Alaric told Damon he had heard everything he said to him after he died about taking care of the kids…I thought I would die. Good job Julie Plec…good job.

Best Surprise of the night? I will say this…dead people returning is not a surprise anymore, and I hope they find something different to use next season. (sorry guys) So since I didn’t really have a best surprise Ill go with worst surprise and say Bonnie’s “death” and hope since Ive seen some preview photos for next week that all works out in the end.

Let’s not forget where the cure is now…Who thought that Damon would end up with the cure in his pocket? Who thinks he will use it on himself? Elena? Maybe he will slip it to Stefan? Hmmmm, I bet that just gave you all something to think about.

So TVD (The Vampire Diaries) season 4 finale is this week…Who’s ready to wait MONTHS before you see your favorite Vampires and Hybrids again? My suggestion is you book a trip to Mystic Falls, take a Vampire Diaries tour and come see all the Vampire Diaries filming locations. We would love to have you and even better…you get to show all your friends the pictures of you standing on the steps of the Lockwood Mansion…won’t they just be so jealous of you then?

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